Journalism is, unfortunately, living in a very chaotic time. With the spread of fake news all around the globe, you still have to be informed, but that is getting harder and harder. Today we are going to review a company which intends to solve this problem, Pumped.

What Is Pumped?

Pumped is a part of Multra, a German company. The mission of Pumped is to establish an environment in which content can be published with quality. To do this, the company plans to create an environment in which the users can pay for the content, so the producers of this content can actually get the time and the resources that they need to write it.

It is no secret at all that journalism is living a rough time. Clickbait and fake articles are all around social media because it is expensive to make quality content but very cheap to write anything that will attract a lot of clicks. As people are generally not willing to pay for content, Pumped had a great idea: to create an environment which will help this to happen.

The founders of the company are Onik Mia (CEO), Veronika Tinnis (COO) and Deniz Daskin (CIO). All of them have plenty of experience in the market and

How Does Pumped Work?

The company behind Pumped, Multra, understood that people do not want to pay for content. It does not really matter whether they believe paying is valid or not: they will hardly pay for it. Because of this, Pumped had a novel idea: to create an environment which would work like a social media network in which the users would not necessarily pay for content, but kind of would pay.

On this platform, the users will be constantly trading tokens because they and the companies would be paying and receiving tokens for their actions. If a user did something good for the company, he would receive tokens and he would pay a small amount of tokens to read the articles. This means that the exchanges would not be one-sided.

This is important because many people would not like to pay for accessing content, but they would like the idea of getting tokens in a platform, which would make them potential customers for these publishers. By creating its tokens and its own financial system, Pumped intends to do just that. It will create a culture in which paying for news will stop being something strange and undesirable because it will be normal.

The company has already planned its road map for the next two years. The MTT tokens of the company will be released on exchanges in the second quarter of 2018 and the Beta app will be launched soon after, in the third quarter. During 2019 the public launch of the app will happen and the platform will be complete and ready for work until the half of the year.

How To Invest In Pumped?

Are you interested in Pumped? If you buy MTT tokens, which are Ethereum based, a proved basis for tokens, you will be able to invest in this company and get profits when the price of the tokens gets higher.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will start on February 19 and it will last about a month. The supply of the sale will be 500,000,000 MTT tokens (the remaining tokens will be burned) and the exchange rate will vary from 1 ETH buying 4000 MTT tokens first and 2000 MTT tokens after 200,000,000 MTT tokens have already been sold. You will be able to pay using ETH.

The Pumped Verdict

Is Pumped the right investment for you? Surely, it can be. If you are interested in the future of journalism and in having access to news and articles that really have quality, then Pumped can be an excellent company for you to invest your cryptocurrency.

Even if you are only looking for profit Pumped can be a great investment because the company already has a good plan of what it is going to do as soon as Pumped is online and already have the two next years planned on paper.

Because of this, there is no need to think twice. If you are interested in Pumped, feel free to invest in this company because it might be a very profitable action.

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