What Is Pumpkin Pay?

Pumpin Pay.io is another platform getting ready to launch in about a month. It’s said to be a part of the worldwide solution to pave the way for transactions without borders.

How Does Pumpkin Pay Global PoS Crypto Payments Work?

It’s said to work in a new revolutionary way to help people manage their personal finances. They are promising to give a newly developed approach to managing money to their users. It’s fee-free alternative to the standard type of traditional banking we typically see.

And it will operate from a full-scale, worldwide platform. People will be able to spend money, save, or share their funds on the platform in any type of currency they choose. They will be use any type of currency they want on the platform as well as be able to manage it from a mobile device.

As of now, the cryptocurrency team has not taken the platform mainstream, but they are trying to make it easy for people to adopt the platform. They are now working on removing the last barriers needed to be taken down before it’s ready for mass public adoption. It will be removed when cryptocurrencies are a part of everyday life apparently.

You’ll basically be able to use the application to pay for things like coffee with Bitcoin and Ether. You also won’t need a merchant to exchange the currency at the point of sale. Merchants won’t even need any special equipment either. Pumpkin Pay is using a ubiquitous method to accept merchants and allow them to us any cryptocurrencies.

It’s believed that by doing so, the adoption of cryptocurrency on a massive scale will be much easier than ever before. And people will be able to use the already existing environment to make the system work even faster.

They will be able to pay from the platform in real-time as its designed to exchange cryptocurrency transactions in a matter of seconds at the point of sale. One of the other things people will be able to do is setup a digital wallet on the platform that works in conjunction with a normal card solution. The platform gives you the ability to use any type of currency when making a purchase, anywhere in the world.

Payments are made right at the point of sale and completed in nearly instantaneous time. Pumpkin Pay will then create a unique channel that connects itself to the customer. The channels are then used for real-time transactions.

The real-time transactions are made on the blockchain, then once it’s done – Pumpkin Pay will be funded through the liquidity pool and help make the point of sale purchase happen in an instant.

Pumpkin Pay PPKC ICO Details

Pumpkin Pay is set to launch their initial coin offering for their PPKC coin on April 1st. You can invest in the PPKC token using Ethereum.

Pumpkin Pay Conclusion

If you want to learn more, you can on the whitepaper. It can be downloaded near instantaneously on the company website. There is a team on the website, although there are no links to any social media sites, so they still have to be verified. However, they still look to be real – let’s see if they can disclose more information before making any big investments into the company.

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