Pura Planet

Pura is an international digital currency that liberates one to transact with anyone on earth directly, independently and immediately, thus making one’s life cheaper by removing the cost or need to get a middle man such as a lender or a payment provider.

Pura Guarenteed

Pura's next-generation peer-to-peer payments system doesn't leave trades hanging or leave anything to chance. Pura is hard-coded to financially reward incentivized individuals who actively protect the Pura network. So-called MasterNode owners, these individuals operate servers which remain online, performant, and on call at all times, all over the world, so as to guarantee your trades execute immediately, privately and safely.

Earn Rewards While You Sleep

To ensure your Pura work for you, for each 100000 Pura you accumulate, you also can become a MasterNode proprietor and make regular rewards. Just host your Pura as security at one of the many Masternode service providers, and you get pure passive income. Think of it like having an “interest-bearing savings account” but better. Hold for as long as you like or liquidate any time.

Democratically Controlled

Your vote counts. Pura is enhanced and improved through a decentralized and global democratic governance procedure or “DAO”. Controlled by no one central authority, MasterNode users and owners themselves create the decisions on how it evolves, and the effect it has on the world, making Pura an electronic currency run by the people for the people.

What Is Pura Planet?

Pura is an aware cash movement for the common good, using a long-term vision of a decentralized worldwide community of collaborators. Set to become a leader in responsible decentralized alive, 10 percent of all Pura created is automatically donated to the common good.

Pura Planet is your treasury, also Pura Mission is the funding platform that seeks to list, fund and track sustainable, ecological and social endeavors around the world.

Fund recipients will be held accountable to the community through the PuraMission portal and the blockchain, thus removing the need to simply trust non-profits and prosocial causes predicated on good faith alone.

Work on the PuraMission portal, one portion of PuraPlanet and forthcoming projects is in progress.

Pura Summary

Pura could be the next big then when it comes to decentralized currencies. The reviews that one can read about the platform are sound, and it comes with its tokens that can be purchased in exchange for fiat currencies.

Investors are encouraged to read the platform’s whitepaper to get a feel for how it can work for them.

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