This is the new platform with cryptocurrencies that are resistant to ASIC Miners. The platform is primarily designed for making donations, giving tips, and private payments. The company runs on an open sourced platform that is able to handle mineable and completely autonomous cryptocurrency. And not only that, but it can also be used for the purpose of monetizing just about anything you can imagine.

They use it for monetizing articles, blogs, content for websites, multimedia and articles as a variety of other online services that users can also use to send tips or donations to the owners of content owners in a completely anonymous fashion.

How Does Purk Work?

The platform was created to help people who make content and have websites, as well as service providers, so they can easily monetise their websites and or applications to make money and accept quick and simple payments. The small transactions are basically micropayments that owners can accept from their users. Anyone who does website content and has traffic that comes to their website can easily use Purk to accept payments for their hard work.

By sending micropayments from users for monetization purposes, there is a great reduction in the amounts of monetized areas a website needs their website. It works better because website owners don’t have to put a bunch of ugly and intrusive ads on their site that look like spam. There is no need for affiliate links or pop ups and they can easily accept quick and easy payments to make money from their content or service instead of spamming their visitors. And not only does it stop the amount of clutter on a website, it also cuts the cost of writing content as well as saves a tremendous amount of time. And it’s very simple to use, customers can easily tip or pay the writers or website owners.

The Purk Button is still in mid-level development and they plan on releasing it on get hub by the end of the second quarter of 2018.

What Is The ICO On Purk?

At this time, there is no ICO for the official launch of the website. But you can still read the whitepaper on the website or view the company roadmap. Plus, there is a link to view it on Trello as well, so there are still ways to see how the software is coming along. There probably won’t be an Initial Coin Offering since the open source software is community driven. And the software is ideal for anyone, regardless of whether they are miners, developers or content writers.

Who Is Behind Purk?

There isn’t a team actually running the platform, but it’s an open sourced system that is available for anyone to see. You can also read more about Purk on Bitcointalk, Telegram, Slack, Reddit, Trello, Twitter and Github soon enough.

Purk In Conclusion

This is a new button software that is designed to be placed on a website to help people monetize by the way of accepting payments, and donations on their website. If you’re looking for a way to make extra money from a blog for example, without cluttering up your website, then Purk is likely a great software with you. There is no ICO projected for the platform at this point in time.

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