By now, you should be trusting Bitcoin Cash as the best alternative form of payment if you own an online store. Its transactions are a lot faster and cheaper than those of bitcoin, and besides, BCH is among the top 10 cryptos with a more prominent market cap. If you aren’t convinced about this coin just yet, is giving you another reason to give this coin a go!

What Is Pyxpub?

It is a free and open-source Bitcoin Cash payment solution for those whose clients prefer to pay for items using BCH. Basically, is a self-hosted private payment getaway and Point of Sale solution that allows store owners full ownership rights and control over the entire payment procedure, including the receiving address. Unlike the others, it involves no 3dr parties!

The uniqueness of this software is how it is made to adhere to industry standards and best practices. In order to allow free handling of all payments safely and privately, Pyxpub comes naturally with no 3rd party additions. The owner gets to come up with the receiving address that receives the funds made via xpub key. In the end, it will have no private keys that can steal the business’ earnings.

Pyxpub Bitcoin Cash Point Of Sale Payment Gateway Features

Suitable For Both Merchants And Developers

It is an excellent Point-of-Sale solution that also doubles as a tool through which developers can use to come up with their APIs to be integrated into the PoS system. It saves developers the hassle of having to counter all the other complex and delicate bits and can be converted into a receive-only wallet.

Allows Smooth And Easy Payments

If making and receiving BCH payments was always hard and strenuous, then Pyxpub revolutionizes the whole experience. The UI says it all – ultra-smooth and sleek. Basically, it is all about easing the process using the most user-friendly interface in the industry.

Everything Was Done According To Industry Standards

In line with everyone’s hopes of receiving funds in an easy a private, safe and secure way, pyxpub is just that. Through a single code base, everything is well taken care of. This tool’s main features include: 100% ownership of the payment address is surrendered to the store owner, simple payment procedure, privacy is default, and the whole process is very straightforward.

Easily Deployable And Scalable

Just like the best Point-of-Safe programs, this one is easy to install and scale. You only register and off, it runs in no time, whether it’s Windows, Linux or Mac.

Modern And Dependable

As the developers say, Pyxpub is made for the future. Its development is based on the very best web and payment technologies and tested for a seamless, frictionless procedure.

The Best Of Them All – Multi-Currency

As well as supporting BCH payments, the best feature about this tool is, it accepts payments in fiat. Yes – it supports over 30 major currencies alongside a vast assortment of exchange rate sources.

Pyxpub Verdict

It is free and open-source, which invariably means anyone can be part of its development. However, going by the demo, we can bet that Pyxpub will be an instant hit!

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