The developments in blockchain technology are enabling all kinds of technological advancements. There are so many new apps and programs that it can be hard to decide which ones are the best. Unfortunately, there are many start-ups offering apps that are not very good and charging you with cryptocurrency.

You have to think before you adopt a new altcoin and start investing. Only a few of these new services are worth your time and money, so you have to concentrate on them. Fortunately, our blog can give you a hand in times like this. We can help you to find the best investments and apps. Today, we are going to talk about an app named Qbao.

What Is Qbao?

Qbao is an app that was launched as a decentralized social network. The app will be based in the QTUM tokens and it will include the use of a wallet in which you can store multiple cryptocurrencies that you can use for trading and payments, the Dapp store and even social interaction between users.

This means that Qbao at the same time a social network and a cryptocurrency wallet that you can use to pay for goods online, uniting two important functions and creating an ecosystem around the QTUM tokens.

One of the goals of this app is to incentivize and popularize the use of cryptocurrencies by connecting them to experiences users already use like social media.

How Does Qbao Work?

Basically, the app will work both as a social network in which you can share posts with your friends and a cryptocurrency wallet. As a wallet, it will allow multiple forms of smart contracts to be used while being secure and 100% compatible with QTUM wallets.

The app will also have trading and exchanging charts and status to help its users trade their cryptocurrency better. In the social network side, it will be a platform in which people can easily exchange cryptocurrencies with their friends. The app will also offer a service of encrypted communication, so your conversations will be really secure while using Qbao.

The Dapp Store will possibilitate that the developers will be able to launch third party software to make the platform constantly better and allow companies to offer products using the app.

How To Invest In Qbao?

At the moment, Qbao does not have any type of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) planned, so you cannot invest in the company directly, but you can buy QTUM tokens to use its services.

If you are interested in the services that this company might offer, you have to download their app (available for Android and iOS) and register on the platform.

Qbao Verdict

Is this a good company for you? The app does sound interesting and the company’s plan is solid, but you also have to pay attention to a few important points. The app of this company will mostly be used in the Eastern part of Asia, so if you are European or American, for instance, you might have a service in English, but it will be aimed towards Asian users.

In the end, what matters the most is if the company interests you or not. Qbao seems like a solid company and you will probably not regret your choice if you decide to use this company’s services.

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