In the domain of digital currencies, one of the most enduring concerns is that of security. Trying to achieve better levels of security is something that most popular digital currency platforms attempt to get right, and there are quite a number of different kinds of security threats and vulnerabilities that they need to provide protection against.

A number of companies have also developed different security measures that these platforms can adopt, and one of the leading solutions with innovative design and excellent security is the QRL.

The QRL or the Quantum resistant ledger is a proprietary security solution that aims to enhance and improve the security of the digital currency platform by bringing to the table complete protection in the form of encryption, and other important security measures that can give people the peace of mind that comes from complete, impenetrable security.

By implementing a foolproof security measure, QRL aims to help the word of digital currency achieve better stability and reliability overall, with important developments on the horizon promising even more features.

The QRL Premise

One of the main characteristics of some of the most popular digital currency platforms on the market today is that they use popular public key encryption solutions to achieve their security.

This kind of encryption cryptography that generates digital signatures which authenticate and provide protection to digital currency transactions has been seen to be vulnerable towards quantum computing attacks.

The ineffectiveness of these popular methods against powerful quantum computing attacks is what inspired QRL to come up with a better solution, which is virtually impenetrable even in case of the most powerful quantum computing attacks.

This is a ledger system that makes use of blockchain technology to generate encryption algorithms and digital signatures which are not affected by quantum computing attacks, and the implementation of this technology can ensure much better safety and security overall for digital currency platforms.

The QRL Protection

To achieve stability and longevity in the market as a viable digital currency platform, a particular platform has to remain protected from different kinds of ingress.

The secret to resounding success as a digital currency lies in the amount and meticulousness of the security measures implemented in the platform, and where QRL can make a large difference.

By using blockchain technology, the QRL platform creates a ledger that generates hash in a manner that is virtually impregnable to any kind of computing attack.

This is a remarkable improvement on the traditionally used methods of security that are still in use in many popular digital currency platforms, and by providing a better solution, QRL aims to fill a void in the market, while also ensuring that digital currencies attain that new standard of protection and security that can take them to the next level in terms of adoption and market penetration.

The QRL Way Forward

One of the most important aspects that can decide the fate of projects like QRL is the presence of the right road map moving forward, and this is where QRL scores highly. With the main objective of the project already released, the focus is now on developing the platform and obtaining proof of concept through various test cases.

The company then aims to develop the prototype node system that will power the underlying infrastructure, and then go on to design the surface into a fully featured security platform that is powered by blockchain technology and its own version of digital currency.

With time, QRL certainly has the potential to become the next level of security standard in the world of digital currencies.

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