The Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL) is developed to create a powerful, secured blockchain and it helps to prevent and create a shield from the quantum computing attacks. One of the news covered that the QRL is open source blockchain network which is protected from the quantum computing, this is the most recent threat to the blockchain.

Both conventional and quantum computing attacks are not been able to damage the blockchain due to QRL. In future, the internet will be built on a ideas implementation and single authorities. So, we are at a very early phase to start working on the development of the quantum (Y2Q) and that is very good as it will be launched before the expected date.

The running blockchain is rigid and very strong in its cryptographic algorithm and protocol, for which it made difficult for people to use private wallet. It will also not support the home PC. QRL stated that its very difficult scenario, however, the cryptographic algorithm and protocol can be changed by the Quantum Computing. It is a computer made specially to run the codes and commands to achieve the desired results.

Quantum resistant blockchain states that they are till date the safest and securest technology according to Adam Koltun who is a Business Strategist for QRL. He believes that this development is more than sufficient to protect it from the external threats but if someone wants to build the 2nd layer on top of QRL, then it will act like an ideal platform to give support and environment.

QRL’s blockchain has undergone the security audit by Red4Sec a cybersecurity company which will be powering its quantum token. It will also try re-establishing currency code $QRL. This is the new currency code. The blockchain networks provide a very suitable platform for all commands to run.

The QRL project must be well versed and have to look round in all aspects. It will also look at smart contact integration, will be making it more flexible. Further, it is also including the proof os stake as the ruling authority and in its 1st-year launch.

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