QRYPTOS is a digital cryptocurrency exchange created by international FinTech company QUOINE. The exchange was announced on June 15, 2017. A beta version is available online today.

What is QRYPTOS?

QRYPTOS, found online at QRYPTOS.com, is a cryptocurrency exchange designed exclusively for cryptocurrency trading. On June 15, developer QUOINE announced the beta release of QRYPTOS.

All processes on QRYPTOS are fully compliant with global KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) standards, which means you’ll need to jump through some verification hoops before joining the platform.

The exchange also claims to have superior asset protection and secure trading across all its platforms. What’s the difference between QRYPTOS and QUIONE’s other bitcoin exchange – QUIONEX? QRYPTOS only deals with cryptocurrencies. No fiat currencies are available for exchange on the platform. QUIONEX, on the other hand, accepts JPY, USD, and other major fiat currencies.

QRYPTOS Features

Some of the features available on QRYPTOS include:

  • Fast Trades: Efficient trade execution is performed by QUOINE’s matching engine, which is capable of processing nearly one million transactions every second.
  • Research Tools: Analysis tools like trend indicators, live charts, and essential charting tools, all of which are available for free to QRYPTOS customers.
  • Security: A secure trading platform that uses multi-factor authentication, dedicated private servers, and bitcoin multi-sig wallets where funds are placed in offline cold storage.
  • Multiple Currency Pairs: Access to the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Zcash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Monero.
  • Easy to Signup: QUIONE customers can log into their existing QUOINEX account to start trading on QRYPTOS.
  • API: QRYPTOS has an open API that allows access to the key features of the platform.
  • No Fiat Currencies: QRYPTOS is exclusively dedicated to cryptocurrency trading. No fiat currencies are available or allowed on the platform.

Overall, the platform claims to be “built for the traders, by the traders”.

QRYPTOS Fee Structure

QRYPTOS has a unique fee structure where makers are rewarded with 50% of the taker fee.

The taker fee is 0.15%, which means makers get a rebate of 0.075% on all trades. Those fees remain the same for all traders at all volumes. Compared to most other cryptocurrency exchanges, that’s a very competitive and attractive fee structure, and it should encourage users to start trading on the new platform.

How to Use QRYPTOS

You can sign into QRYPTOS and start trading today through your web browser. It’s available online at QRYPTOS.com.

The platform is still in beta. In the future, QUOINE plans to release versions for Android and iOS.


QUOINE is an international FinTech company that provides trading, exchange, and financial services based on blockchain technology. The company maintains offices in Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam.

QUOINE is led by CEO and co-founder Mike Kayamori as well as co-founder and CTO Mario Gomez-Lozada. You can view the full QUOINE team at the official website here.

Prior to launching QRYPTOS, QUOINE had created QUIONEX, also known as the QUOINE Exchange, which is a bitcoin trading platform that accepts JPY, USD, and other currencies. The exchange is known for its 0% trading fees and margin trading up to 25X.

The exchange maintains an average daily volume of about $50 million. They have a team of 30+ employees and have received about $20 million in funding.

QRYPTOS Conclusion

QRYPTOS is a new exchange created by QUOINE, the company behind the QUINOEX exchange. It offers similar features and trading speeds to QUINOEX, but doesn’t accept any fiat currencies or world currencies: QRYPTOS is exclusively designed for cryptocurrency trading.

QRYPTOS is open for business today. Existing QUOINEX users can access the exchange using their normal account. Or, new users can sign up for an account. Right now, the QRYPTOS platform is in its beta form, and it’s only available through your web browser. In the future, QUOINE plans to release versions for Android and iOS.

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  1. Their conversion rates are terrible, while XRP was at ~0.80-0.90 CAD I bought $1000 worth. After exchange I received only 600 XRP, I paid almost $2 CAD per XRP, that’s absolutely ludicrous compared to market value.

    Ditto with XMR, received only half of what I should’ve received with what I exchanged, again I paid double the market value, site is bullshit or skimming.

    BTC was at $20-$21k CAD at the time. Makes no sense and in no way adds up, I’d find a different exchange.

  2. Yes I was very dissapointed too when I transferred over 0.017 btc. I only received 0.016 then I exchanged it for qash and realised I got a piss poor exchange rate for it my original £200 got me £145 pounds worth of qash. And guess what, they will probably charge the same ridiculous rate to exchange back to btc so the price of qash will need to double for me to get my original stake back. Bullshit trading platform not worth it at all.


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