What Is Quantler?

Quantler makes it possible for you to build your own personalized investment fund known as Quant Funds, at a fraction of the normal costs. Quant Funds can be described as a digitalized and centralized alternative to the normal investment funds. It is ideal for those that would like to have better control over their investment funds or those who have previously been scammed by their investment managers.

Quantler Accepted Payment Method

The only payment method that will be accepted by Quantler will be the Quant tokens. Any person looking to host their Quant Funds will have to make their payments using this method. However, you can use an exchange or Quantler when looking to acquire tokens.

Once acquired, all the tokens will be stored in a special wallet developed by Quantler. All processing fees will then be deducted automatically from this wallet.

Quantler Mining

Each person will get to run Quantler in their own personal machines. They will, however, be expected to allow all incoming backtests (simulation requests). Given that such simulations require one to have a large volume of computational assets, all the miners will be rewarded with tokens for making such resources available.

The Quant development process has been broken down into a number of phases. The second phase of its development will involve having the Quant Funds being hosted by Quantler. This will be done by making use of its own blockchain environment.

Quantler Voting / Development

As it is, Quantler is fully open source. This means that one can choose to fully run their own Quant Funds in their preferred environments. Those who choose to extend and improve the open source ecosystem of Quantler will be rewarded with the Quant tokens. All token holders will also get a chance to vote on the features that they would like to see being implemented.

Quantler Automated Crypto Investment Funds Benefits

Quantler is looking to eliminate costs, while at the same time lowering the barriers associated with making investments. By using an open source ecosystem, they will also be looking to eliminate any conflicts that may currently be associated with investment management. Some of the benefits of using Quantler include:

  • You are always in control
  • You get to direct your own investments
  • You trade where you want
  • It is open source

Quantler QUANT Token ICO Details

These tokens are hybrid in nature and will be needed to fully utilize the Quant solution. The Quant tokens have 3 principle purposes:

  1. They are the only accepted payment method.
  2. They will be given out as rewards for mining the token.
  3. They will be used to incentivize the Quant open source community.

It is recommended that those interested in learning more about this solution checkout its white paper. It provides additional details on the disruptive nature of this solution. The beta version that has already been launched also has more information on the Quant solution.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Protocol—ETH, ERC 20
  • Symbol—Quant
  • Decimals—18
  • Total Supply—180 million
  • Available Supply—63 million
  • Available Market Cap—20 million US Dollars at 500 USD for each ether
  • Hard Cap—35,000 ETH
  • Soft Cap—1,300 ETH

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