Many homeowners would want to release part of their home equity but are unable to or do not want to increase their debt. Accessing quality real estate deals is challenging as only the insider’s access the best deals. Other investors have to use intermediaries, which can be costly. The opportunities are also locked up and illiquid for an indefinite duration. The volatility of the cryptocurrencies is another challenge for those who want to invest in the crypto asset industry. The value of your investment can fluctuate by a big percentage in a short period. If you are looking for a predictable income, these investments are not desirable.

What Is Quantm?

The Quantm real estate network is a membership-based real estate network that is built on blockchain technology. It facilitates the issuance and secondary trading of investments tokens that are backed by fractional equity interests in single-family residences. The vision of the platform is to digitize the value of the user’s home. The platform buys a small part of the member’s equity in a shared equity transaction. The objective is to come up with investment grade tokens that are backed by the real estate assets so that the members of the platform from all over the world can buy and benefit from inaccessible real estate markets.

Shared equity for the members is similar to selling a small fraction of their homes except that they will still live in the home. The property owners will be able to sell part of the equity in their property. The Quantm platform will buy the small part of the member’s home equity in a shared equity transaction. If a member’s home value goes up, the gain will be shared between the member and the developers of the Quantm platform.

Quantm QuantmRE Real Estate Network Asset Tokens Benefits

An Equity Release Solution

The Quantm real estate platform is designed to give the capital and the processes required so that people can sell a part of their equity that is in their homes without making additional debt.

Backed By Real Assets

The platform tokenizes fractional equity ownership in a single-family residence through the Quantm real estate network. This will allow the members of this platform to get passive real estate investors without using intermediaries and with no need for large capital. It also gives them the freedom to buy and sell their investment tokens whenever they need to.

Reduces Volatility

The Quantm real estate network investment tokens will be backed by real estate assets and will provide the members with an alternative investment to the volatility of the crypto markets. This is an alternative source of income for those who want to diversify into a risk-adjusted token that is backed by physical real estate.

Quantm QRE Token ICO Details

The QRE membership token gives members access to the pools of capital that can be used to purchase equity they have built in their homes. The Quantm.One program will tokenize these pools of the real estate assets and create tradable tokens. Potential investors of the platform will need to purchase the membership tokens to gain access to the investment token trading facilities on the network. The company has scheduled an ICO for Q4 2018.

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