According to their whitepaper, Quantocoin is the first global alternative asset with immediate liquidity and currency functionality. It offers extreme speed, reliability, and efficiency at a low cost with optional anonymous transfers. It is readily available for those without access to bank services.

What Is Quantocoin QTC Token?

QTC is not only a currency—the project entails spending and earning money, with the availability of investment and speculation. QTC is an excellent asset with great liquidity. It is fast and reliable with an instant transfer, and there is no need for a place to store the money (such as a safe), as all is available P2P or B2B, making the transfer reachable anywhere and easy to use.

The team at Quantocoin is convinced that due to their technology and massive expansion, in a short time, QTC will reach the same success as BTC or other altcoins. QTC will be a tool for investment like gold. To crown it, QTC is a one-stop shop solution. It is a simple, automatic, and hassle-free banking tool, which will be reachable anywhere and will be understandable and easy to use for everyone with no limits, in terms of age, ethnicity, education or geography.

The Problem Quantocoin Seeks To Solve

The banking system needs a reboot. The mobile money market is expanding in developing countries in particular. While only 2% of adults worldwide have a mobile money account, 12% of adults in Sub Saharan Africa have one, half of whom have no other account. The countries with the highest percentages of people using a mobile phone to receive money also tend to have a relative scarcity of commercial bank branches, suggesting technology is helping counter the physical barriers.

The Quantocoin Solution To Exchange Crypto For Fiat Currency

The platform embraces the following concepts:

With more than 3.5 billion potential customers, the team is committed to developing a new financial project that operates on the blockchain technology, utilizing mobile technology, and bio-identification systems. The platform will give access to a market of more than 2 billion people in the world who live in unbanked regions. These regions are poor, with no appropriate banking infrastructure. In addition, the platform aims to serve regions with limited internet access, along with their technological partners and by providing eSIMs mobiles.

Quantocoin QTC ICO Details

The ICO for the QTC coin is taking place now through February 28, 2018. Early birds can receive up to a 15% token bonus for purchases during the period. For example, if you buy 100 QTC tokens, you can receive a bonus 15 QTC tokens giving you 115 QTC tokens. Supported payment methods are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Waves, and Fiat (USD and EUR) payments. For more information you can visit their website.

Quantocoin Vision

QUANTOCOIN exists to solve the problems that are linked to the old-fashion banking system. With the present financial system, large-scale financial institutions support the financial systems that provide financial services. This means banks, insurance companies, credit card companies, housing finance companies, money transfer companies, and others, which are archaic and have low penetration.

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