Quantor is constantly looking to innovate in the marketplace, especially with the way that it uses a certain algorithm for trading. They constantly help consumers to promote better profits with their assets, and they have recently announced that they will start their pre-sale for fundraising. The fundraiser should begin promptly on May 21st, 2018.

Using algorithms to automate investments is not a new technology, but the application in Quantor is expansive. Traders can clearly see how well this type of automation works to their benefit in how global investment funds manage it. In fact, they have had substantial success in the use of the algorithmic trading with asset management.

Quantor comes from a combination of the phrase “quant accelerator,” and it aims to make the crypto industry more transparent and easy to use as a whole. They combine the developers from different countries and regions to provide investment algorithms (known as quants) to help with other services. Some other services include online courses, a testing platform, financial support, and other data.

Once the platform is fully established, it will offer a marketplace that provides an opportunity for quants to offer their algorithms to other investors. Even if someone does not completely understand the algorithm themselves, the methods are still useful and applicable. The blockchain is what traders can thank for the safety and ease of using the platform’s different processes. Each smart contract will basically automate the different interactions with anyone within the ecosystem, while the developers and investors still receive the revenue they earned. With this way of addressing investments, the sharing-economy concept can easily stretch across multiple industries.

The decentralized leger also plays a role, helping with the record of every piece of data that the user needs to know about the algorithm. With this transparency, consumers can feel more comfortable about the prevention of manipulation within the blockchain.

No matter how involved someone is in cryptocurrency, including miners, they may not know how to deal with the funds when they are successful in their purchases. Quantor offers the tools that they need for every asset, which does not require the user to learn anything else about the transparency algorithms. Basically, they have automated solutions for every crypto issue.

Once the Quant (QNT) token is issued, investors will have a chance to purchase the services and make other transactions. The tokens will be sold to evolve the ecosystem and support the platform.

Find out more information at https://tokens.quantor.co/?utm_source=pr-newswire&utm_medium=press-release&utm_campaign=presale-launch.

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