Quasar Coin

The hype about cryptocurrency is not diminishing anytime soon rather it is gaining more attention and popularity and as a result of this, the amount of people looking for investment opportunities that are cryptocurrency based are steadily increasing. Although the option of trading cryptocurrency is very much open, opportunities for lending cryptocurrency are beginning to gain some traction in the crypto world. There are quite a number of platforms that offer opportunities like this and Quasar coin is one of them, this platform gives free rein to its users to invest their digital assets into different profitable domains.

What Exactly Is Quasar Coin?

Quasar Coin is an open source platform that is based on Bitcoin which gives its users the opportunity to have access to a wide selection of investment prospects. Quasar isn’t as streamlined tool that performs only this action as it also functions as a tool for education that lets its users add more cryptocurrency knowledge to enable them make keener investment choices in order to acquire maintainable investment returns.

Opportunities Quasar Coin Is Offering To Investors

Coin Mining Opportunities

The Quasar platform enables users to have the ability to mine coins either solo or in a mining pool. This platform is a software that has a non-intensive feature that enables it to be used by PC’s of older models. This platform possesses a user friendly interface that allows operations to be carried out easily and quickly in minutes. The module of mining makes use of an algorithm that is used by this site for coding and it is referred to as Cryptonote. This tool for mining has gained popularity in the crypto market.

Coin Staking Opportunities

Users can stake the currency they have purchased and a fixed income can be gotten from this, this feature is one of the things that make this platform stand out from the rest. The company is of the opinion that its customers can earn up to 48% per month for a block time of six months simply by staking the assets of the company using the Quasar application. This assertion has not been supported by any facts, research or market figures.

What Lending Patterns Does Quasar Coin Offer?

  • The rates of interest for amounts going from 1 – 1000 dollars is 20% per month and the capital will be repaid after 200 days have elapsed.
  • The rates of interest for amounts going from 1000– 5000 dollars is 25% per month with an additional interest of 1% and the capital will be repaid after 180 days have elapsed.
  • The rates of interest for amounts going from 5000 – 10000 dollars is 30% per month with an additional interest of 1.5% and the capital will be repaid after 120 days have elapsed

Properties Of The Quasar Coin QSR ICO Token

The Quasar Coin QSR ICO is scheduled to begin on the 5th of January, 2018 according to the company’s official whitepaper. A total of eight million coins will be available to prospective investors during this period and a presale will also occur where a total of five hundred thousand coins will be sold to early users.  The Quasar currency will be used in the handling of all transaction within the Quasar ecosystem. The abbreviation of the Quasar Coin QSR ICO token is QSR and 1 QSR is equal to 0.70USD.

Quasar Coin Conclusion

Although the company staking claims are not backed by any factual evidence, this coin has long lasting potentials with its ICO beginning on the 5th of January, 2018.

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