Qubit Protocol

The world of technology is rapidly changing, and commercial opportunities are what most capitalists are seeking when looking for new disruptive innovations. One such technology that is catching up within different industries is the technological disruption in quantum computing.

Despite the innovation being relatively in use, there is growing deliberation on what it could do for the future. Still, much of quantum computing has not reached the masses on a scale you would say is encourage able. This challenge is what Quantum protocol is looking to eliminate by driving market readiness and investor expertise for the quantum computing sector.

How Qubit Protocol Works

The Qubit Protocol platform will operate on a two-tier system:

Expert Tier

This category will comprise of verified quantum experts whether from the academic or commercial and industrial sector.

Member Tier

Individuals interested in funding the advancement of quantum technologies fall into the public member tier.

The public members will be able to fund the startups through the Qubit Protocol tokens. That will either be directly or by delegating the votes to a quantum expert to decide on the best project to fund.

Qubit Protocol Blockchain Quantum Computing Platform Benefits

As a governance platform, the Quantum Protocol will gather funding from a quorum of quantum experts who are fostering collaboration to see the success of quantum technology startups. The project is expected to undergo an evaluation to ascertain the metric of their expected technological and scientific milestones before they become eligible for funding.

Some of the beneficial features for utilization in the governance platform will include:

Proposal Funding

The Qubit Protocol platform will bear a portal where individuals can receive extensive review and decide on the quality of a project proposal.

Startup Funding

If a startup is successful enough to pass the due diligence stage, it is bound to receive its funding through the Qubit DAO.

Token Locking And Burning

Part of the Quantum Protocol ecosystem will contain QPT token burning to sustain a sufficient level of crypto-economics. The tokens in this process will be from unsuccessful projects.


Similarly to other protocol networks, Quantum Protocol offers rewards for investors who make beneficial strategic investment decisions through QPT tokens.

Delegation And Voting Rights

QPT token holders and experts will have the right to vote on the best projects for funding. Interested users will also be able to fund the projects by staking their QPT tokens directly.

Qubit Protocol QPT Token ICO Details

The private pre-sale for the QPT token is available now. In order to participate a minimum of 100 ETH must be contributed. You can fill out their registration form at  qubitprotocol.com/presale.

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