The impact that the bitcoin futures exerted on the world of cryptocurrency is tremendous coupled with the fact that it is a recent development in the cryptocurrency market. The mechanics behind bitcoin futures is that it basically allows anybody anywhere in the world to wager in the bitcoin price markets without actually buying it.

Quite a number of investors and bystanders have taken a liking to bitcoin futures Iver bitcoin as the buying procedures of bitcoin is said to be ambiguous, time exhausting and had several security risks.  A platform however has emerged to make the investment of bitcoin futures much easier while at the same time giving out other varying options to the investing cryptocurrency world. The name of the platform that wants to make the investment of bitcoin futures and bitcoin options easier is Quedex Platform.

What Is Quedex Trading Exchange?

The essential goal of the Quedex platform is to be the first absolute exchange platform for bitcoin futures and options exchange.  However, Quedex does not offer futures for other types of cryptocurrencies as there is no buzz concerning the futures of other cryptocurrencies. There is essentially no buzz for futures for cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and the likes.

The Quedex platform gives its users leeway to exchange or hedge in any form they please. This opportunity will give rise to a range of varying events.  For example, the Quedex platform can be used to buy and sell marginally with leverage of 25X on bitcoin futures and 10X in bitcoin options. This set of heterogeneity is not found often in the bitcoin market and this will help to rove certain risks that are known to be affiliated with the high and elusive nature of the bitcoin. The Quedex platform is bringing something new into the cryptocurrency market. Coupled with the innovative structure this platform is bringing to the market, they are sure to change the outlook of the cryptocurrency market in no time.

Quedex offers a number of exciting opportunities to its users, a rather interesting fact about Quedex is that until the ending of January 2018, there is no trading fees or settlement fees on the platform. This will however stop after January, 2018. Quedex platform is more focused in the problem of security and storage of funds in several wallets that multiple signatories.

Quedex Bitcoin Futures & Options Conclusion

The  Quedex platform has the potential to become a very important, interest and inventive trading option for bitcoin options available even though right now, it is still in its beta stage. However, due to the fact that it is still in its beta stage, there will be an abundance of bugs in the system that the developers will have to work through. This means that it is important to tread with caution when making use of the platform due to the fact that it is still in its beta stage. Quedex platform has the potential to become the leading bitcoin exchange due to the fact that the platform is bringing innovation to the cryptocurrency market.

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