Quifas QFS ICO Review

Are you looking for a new cryptocurrency exchange? Today we will review Quifas, a new platform that you can use to exchange tokens.

What is Quifas QFS?

Quifas is a cryptocurrency exchange which is currently launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). It offers a user-friendly interface, it is scalable, fast and has a customer service which works 24/7. Also, the company is focusing on giving many advantages to the users who decide to buy its tokens during the upcoming sale.

The platform was created by Florian Boci, current CEO of the company. He has been an entrepreneur for more than 10 years in the financial industry.

How Does Quifas Work?

This platform will work in a similar way to many of the cryptocurrency exchanges that already exist in the market right now. You will have to deposit your funds in the exchange and then you will be able to exchange them with other users which also want to exchange.

Quifas will have an increasingly large number of cryptocurrencies in its listings and it promises “exceptional” customer services, ranging from 24/7 hour support, multilingual support and promises to resolve any kind of issue in less than 24 hours. The infrastructure of the company will be highly scalable, so the platform will hold a huge increase in the number of users without closing registrations.

The company also promises quick verification of ID and cross platform support which will integrate the desktop site with apps for both Android and the iOS platform. Finally, the users will also be able to read charts about the market and news on the site so they can always be informed before they decide to buy or sell any type of cryptocurrency.

How to Invest in Quifas?

If you are already interested in Quifas, you can invest in the company during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The pre-sale will start on March 9 and it will last until March 23. After that, you will be able to buy Quifas tokens on the main sale, which will be held between April 6 and May 7.

The base price of the token will be 0.40 USD per unit, which you can pay using BTC or ETH. The price per token will increase as time passes and it will be cheaper if you buy more tokens. On the first day of the pre-sale, you can have a 35% discount if you decide to buy more than 100 ETH in tokens, while the discount will be only 20% if you buy less than 10 ETH in tokens during the pre-sale.

On the main sale, which will last for five weeks, the discounts will range between 20% and 0%. If you buy more than 100 ETH, you can get discounts until the fourth week (5%), but if you buy less than 10 ETH, the last week with discounts will be the third (also a 5% discount).

The minimum contribution to buy Quifas tokens is 0.1 ETH. The soft cap of the sale will be 3,000,000 USD and the hard cap will be 35,000,000 tokens.

Tokens holders will have several benefits, such as zero trading fees using the tokens to buy other crypto assets and discounts while trading. The holders will also have a say in which new coins should be listed on the exchange.

The Quifas QFS ICO Verdict

Is Quifas a good investment? Maybe. There are positive and negative points about Quifas and negative ones are slightly bigger. The positive point is that this an exchange created by people with a background in the area and it seems trustworthy enough and without any glaring red flags.

The negative point is that it does not seem like a very original idea at all. Unfortunately, Quifas is just another cryptocurrency in a market which already has a lot of them. This, unfortunately, can end up being rather problematic for the company when it has to stand out so it can become more important on the market.

If you are still uncertain whether you should invest in this company or not, give it some time and think about it. There are both bad and good aspects of this company, so you really have to be careful to get the best possible results from this investment.

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