Quinlan & Associates Crypto Consultancy Forecastes 2018 Market Tank, Lower Prices To Come

The Bitcoins are always in the news yet another forecasting from Quinlan and Associates about the value and its prices in future. They are a strategy consulting firm and their job is to forecast the strategy and analyze the company’s growth in future. They have done the same thing with Bitcoins and have a very shocking news for them as they will not be in profits, but they will even collapse.

Quinlan & Associates have also published one report regarding Bitcoins and they have done the strategy for them. It has stated that by the end of 2018 Bitcoins market have high chances to collapse and they will be suffering a loss of $223 billion. This forecasting is done over the latest trends of the crypto market. Their prediction has somehow come to be true as the market currently is suffering a huge loss.

No doubt in the month of June the prices went up again with a high speed for the big coins, the market went up again, but according to the forecasting, the crypto prices will be going very low by the end of December. The variation would be $5900 to$1800.

In January the CEO of Quinlan & Associates Mr. Benjamin Quinlan in a report mentioned that cryptocurrency is being utilized by the world like anything according to its value it is the satisfying majority of the people.

However, the firm stated that in future only those companies will survive who will use the cryptocurrency with a clear utility then only the market will go up again and it will be lifting the economy. The expected rise in the market by 2020 is $407 billion. The update is Bitcoin trading at $6,452 and has the market cap of $110 billion. The market has gone up by 9.26% in last 24 hours.

Currently, Bitcoin and all the other coins like Ripple (XRP), Tron (TRX), Ethereum are booming and have seen some profits which in total brought about 7% of the rise.

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