What Is Quio?

QUIO is a currency that is based on the blockchain. The developers of this crypto coin want to ensure users have quick and safe transactions. The result is that QUIO will lead to an ecosystem of trusted users.

Bitcoin Ushered In A new Financial Era

When the Bitcoin launched, it took power from centralized finance and gave it back to the people. The blockchain meant that people could have total control over their finances. They could manage how resources were distributed. Thus, it helped to snatch the financial world from a handful of people back to the masses.

Today, both experts and amateurs are trying to benefit from the blockchain. The crypto market participants have continued to grow significantly since crypto launched. This crypto era will change how the world works. Previously, if you wanted to transfer money globally, it would take about three days or even a week. However, the blockchain makes it possible to send value across continents in just a few minutes or seconds. Besides that, this technology has made it safer, cheaper, and easier than it has ever been.

The Quio Solution

The technology of the blockchain has clearly demonstrated that it holds major potential to change the world. However, it still has challenges in scalability. QUIO is a crypto coin powered by the blockchain. It has been created to ensure that transactions are fast, safe, and personalized. This will lead to the creation of a QUIO ecosystem that is friendly even to newbies.

Dealing With Fluctuations

One of the major problems with crypto coins today is market volatility. The QUIO project will solve this issue via the note conversion mechanism. For one, this coin will not have any transaction fees. To achieve this, the QUIO will combine Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG).


The project will also offer privacy protection to the users. To achieve this, it will utilize the zkSNARKs technology to conceal metadata from users. Thus, it will be almost impossible to track users of the coin.


Another benefit of this project is instant transactions without compromising the identity of users.

Quio Benefits

With QUIO you can create a unique portfolio with just one click of a button. You can also generate the QUIO coins by completing various tasks and challenges daily. Besides that, users stand to gain products and gifts daily.

Users of the project’s products will benefit from a gift cheque as a show of appreciation. Additionally, this project will allow you to spread your innovative wings. They have created the QUAC platform where you can pitch your idea and raise funds from the community.

Quio QUIO Token ICO Details

Round 1: Private Pre-Sale

  • Date: Closed
  • Price: 1 ETH = 26,000 QUIO
  • Hard Cap: $ 2,000,000

Round 2 (25% Bonus)

  • Date: July 9, 2018 – December 1, 2018
  • Price: 1 ETH = 13,000 QUIO
  • Hard Cap: $ 8,000,000

Round 3 (15% Bonus)

  • Date: TBA 2019
  • Price: 1 ETH = 7,600 QUIO
  • Hard Cap: $ 2,000,000

Quio Conclusion

It appears the Quio.io website is no longer responsive or active which clearly indicates this is nothing but a scam project or that they are clearly experiencing technical difficulties and have been for days with no message or attempt to bring back at this point in time.

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