QUOINE ICO Mission Control

QUOINE Launches ICO Mission Control Platform

QUOINE aims to revolutionize the crowdsale market through its new service, known as the ICO Mission Control. Essentially, the ICO Mission Control service is an end-to-end designed to assist blockchain-driven projects to organize crowdsales in a secure and transparent environment. Moreover this service will ensure that the ICOs implement both KYC and AML.

Current Situation in the ICO Market

In recent times, ICOs have lost colossal amounts of money to hackers, who often breach the systems an implant fake deposit addresses. Also, regulatory bodies have implanted tough rules to govern crowdsale, making it hard to organize such events. Lastly, a majority of tokens lose liquidity once the ICO event is over.

Last year, QUOINE held its ICO, and got a chance to experience this challenges first-hand. As a result, the team decided to create lasting solution, the ICO Mission Control.

What is ICO Mission Control?

ICO Mission Control is platform on which other ICOs will be launched. The deployment of ICOs on this platform will be instantaneous. As of now, the ICO Mission Control leverages the QRYPTOS digital exchange for both trading and issuance of utility tokens. Later on, the LIQUID platform will replace QRYPTOS.

Advantages of the ICO Mission Control Service

For ICO organizers:

Integrated Client Base

The affiliation between the Mission Control and the QRYPTOS exchange is beneficial to the former, in that it receives a potential customer base of over 500,000 investors. Furthermore, new clients get a free landing page as reward upon registration. QRYPTOS hosts the free landing page on its website.

Improved Security

As mentioned earlier, ICOs are vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. Since the Mission Control runs on the QRYPTOS exchange infrastructure, users are assured an impenetrable security layer. Therefore, instead of exposing themselves, ICOs should launch using the Mission Control platform.

Regulation Compliance

Nowadays, governments have imposed unfavorable regulations against crypto-related business. However, QUIONE strives to comply with all the regulations, a culture that boosts its longevity in operation.

Real-time Data Analytics

The ICO Mission Control dashboard has an inbuilt analytics mechanism that assesses the performance of ongoing ICOs. Using this data, token issuers can develop marketing strategies.

For token buyers:

Complete KYC requirements

Under the current system, investors have to fill in KYC requirements for every different ICO they participate in. ICO Mission Control will need an investor his info only once. Hence, it saves time and lowers the barriers to crowdsale participation.

Buy Tokens

This platform will feature a simplistic user interface to facilitate the swift and secure acquisition of utility tokens. Moreover, investors will receive the tokens immediately after confirming their purchase.

Access Secondary Markets

Once a token is inaugurated using the ICO Mission Control platform, it will be listed on the QRYPTOS or LIQUID exchanges immediately. This provides an alternative marketplace where investors can buy or sell the tokens.

VUULR – the first crowdsale on ICO Mission Control platform

Last week, VUULR became the pioneering ICO to launch on the Mission Control platform. VUULR is a blockchain project that deals with online distribution of movies and TV shows.

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