Qwasder QWS ICO Review

What Is Qwasder QWS?

The Qwasder platform is a newly developed company that is decentralized and based on Ethereum’s blockchain that will give you the ultimate in internet connection to anyone in the world.

The platform also has tokens called QWS and it’s available on several different exchanges like OKeX, JuCoin, YoBit.net, IDEX and Nebula. They also have a separate token called the STY or Styras that is available on all of these websites as well except fo KuCoin.

How Does Qwasder Work?

The platform is a decentralized mobile application that can be used to connect to the internet regardless of where you are. There is an app that is based on the Ethereum Blockchain and offers you superior connection to the internet from anywhere on the planet.

There will also be a new token that is released along with the app and is ideal for people who are looking to travel constantly while still staying connected to the internet. It will also turn your phone or smart devices into a router type that can give connectivity to as many as ten people.

The ICO for Qwasder is a continuation on the Styras project, their previous token and company. With it you’ll get more time, a bounty program and they even accept BTC as a payment option. Styras also had all these different options as well and also used smart contracts as well. But there was a lot that it missed apparently, which is why they started Qwasder to fill in the gaps. They offer a lot of different options for the platform:

Stay Connected Anywhere Anytime:

With this app and router, you can stay connected to the internet from anywhere in the world at any time day or night. You won’t have to worry about using hotel internet or trying to find other wi-fi areas to gain access.

Send Balances Online To Anyone:

The application allows you to send any portion of your internet balance to your friends and family, anytime anywhere. It works on an international level, so it’s ideal for sending money from one country to another country.

Connect As Many As Ten Devices Online:

You can use your smart phone, while traveling and provide service to as many as ten different people. It makes it possible for you to take your internet anywhere and provide people with access to the internet as well.

Use Cryptocurrencies To Buy Internet:

You can use different cryptocurrencies like Styras, Bitcoin and Ethereum to purchase the internet from wherever you are at in the world.

The app is also said to be super easy to use. All you need to do when you get the app is first start by opening it. Then you follow the steps to register with the company, so you can start using it. After you register, you go to the wallet to start accessing the company.

All you need to do here is deposit currency into your wallet. It could be in the form of Qwasder, Styras, Bitcoin or Ethereum. They claim that at some point in the future, they will expand on the number of different cryptocurrencies that can be used to operate with the system.

You’ll also be view your cryptocurrency balance in the form of QWS and MB or MegaBytes. After this, you select the amount of QWS you want to travel to transfer to MB. Once that is finished you connect and that’s it. You’re now officially connected to the internet through the use of Qwasder. To continually use the app, you need to constantly be giving it fuel in the form of QWS, STY, BTC ad ETH to MB.

What Is The Qwasder QWS ICO?

As of right now, they are in Pre-ICO sale and it will go until the end of the first quarter on March 20th, 2018 at 00:00 GMT. After that, the official public ICO starts on March 20th and runs until the 21st of April 2018.

Who Is Behind Qwasder QWS?

The CEO of the company is Fernando Arriola who is also the co-founder. Apparently, there are two CEOs for the company as well, Joseph Berganza is the other one and also the lead blockchain developer as well. Jhon Harold is the Full Stack Engineer and Roger Bravo is their Chief Legal Advisor. And Didier Irrazabal is their Chief Technical Advisor. Tom Starke is their CTO and Taka Yuki Obara is teir COO.

Qwasder QWS ICO Conclusion

The platform is a decentralized application that gives users the ability to connect to the internet from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but they can then turn their phone into a router strong enough to support as many as ten people. All of the areas with Wi-Fi signals are partners of the parent company Styras. And, when you start the application, it will naturally determine your location and send it to their system. Smart Contracts will then be used to figure out what the best HotSpot is for you.

When you buy MB for navigation purposes, the company will receive a payment after the confirmation of a travel transaction is confirmed. The nearest HotSpot will be used to send a signal to the company.

After that, the company gets a signal and will link you to a specific HotSpot that will be activated once the transaction is confirmed. According to them, most countries around the world will have Wi-Fi Hotspots that can be used with the Qwasder platform.

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