R2B Coins

It is a well known fact that if we had invested a mere $1000 in digital assets such as Bitcoin back in 2013, we could have potentially been sitting on millions of dollars today. However, what is done is done, and today to help investors cash in on this growing market, there are many new altcoins that are being released on a near daily basis.

R2B is a brand new cryptocurrency that has been designed especially for the Asian markets. It is based on the ethereum blockchain, and thus can be traded in a completely safe and secure manner.

Why Choose R2B?


Owing to the fact that this token is based on the blockchain, users can be sure that there will be no issues when it comes to trading, transfers or payments (irrespective of the amount).

Limited Coin Supply:

One issue that is currently being faced by many alt-currencies is that of inflation. Thus, in order to curb such problems, R2B will make use of a limited number of tokens (188,888,888 coins to be exact).


As mentioned earlier, this currency is completely decentralized, and thus is free from any involvement of third parties such as local governments, tax agencies etc.

MLM, But With A Twist:

As many of us might have seen, most MLM companies that release cryptocurrencies usually lack legal frameworks and other essential documents. However, R2B coin is ERC20 compliant, and has been registered on the Ethereum Blockchain. Additionally, it makes use of pre mined coins that can be obtained quite simply via the upcoming company ICO.

Who Is Behind R2B Asian Tokens For Affiliate Marketing?

According to the official company website, R2B Coin is “processed and managed” by Williams Corporation Limited, Hong Kong. The organization possesses all of the required legal documents that are needed for crypto trade, as well as other necessary licenses. Additionally, it should also be noted that Williams Corporation makes use of third party payment services such as Paypal, but in case of any financial irregularities, all of the liability stays with R2B.

R2B Coins Token Details

As per the website, the ICO release date has not been made clear. However, there are some indications across the internet which suggest that the presale is scheduled to begin sometime next month (early to mid February). From a pricing perspective, the value of the coins will vary between $0.008 to $188, depending upon the round during which the currency is purchased. The pre-sale is expected to last 3-4 months.

Also, in total, there will be 188,888,888 tokens that will be released by the company. Trading is scheduled to begin once a total of $188,888,888 has been raised.

For any queries or clarifications regarding this venture, customers can get in touch with key company personnel David Wu (Marketing Director) and Eddie Lo (Business Director) via email. Alternatively, there is also a message column at the bottom of the website, where users can submit their questions.

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    • Hi Carrie I believe you’re asking for information about the r2b coins I’ll be more then happy to send the information to you here it is below thank you and hope to hear from you soon

  1. Definitely legit. I was skeptical, but transferring the funds to my bank and btc wallet before even released made me a believer. Conference calls that all investors are invited to every Thursday evening. Will have a visa/ MasterCard available to easily access funds. Will trade on NASDAQ. Viewable on etherscan.io as RB2S. Added to my MEW as a custom token already. Won’t regret it!


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