R3 Corda Blockchain Consortium Partners With The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and the R3 consortium have officially started a very important partnership today. The partnership was made in order for these groups to collaborate on developing app and solutions on top of the Corda blockchain, which was created by R3.

These two organizations will collaborate strategically on creating new technology and working with regulatory bodies, the CEO of R3, Davie Rutter, has affirmed. This way, the market will be finally able to really understand all the potential from the blockchain.

According to the official press release, the president of the Wall Street Blockchain Foundation, Ron Quaranta, has affirmed that the company is pleased to be a partner of R3 and that the members of the alliance will be benefited from working closely with the creators of Corda.

R3 has been making several important partnerships lately in order to expand its reach. Despite being a considerably big conglomerate, it is important for the companies that are a part of R3 to turn Corda into the universal blockchain and this will only come with huge efforts.

Recently, R3 made a partnership with SBI Holdings, a major financial company from Japan. The idea was to help the company to use the Corda blockchain on its platform. The company has also recently launched the Corda Network Foundation as well, as a way to help the conglomerate.

About the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

The Wall Street Blockchain Alliance is possibly the most important blockchain nonprofit organization in Wall Street. It was created as a way to promote cooperation between the most traditional sectors of banking and the financial industry with the innovative industry of cryptos.

Its official mission is to promote the adoption of the blockchain tech across global markets with the help of Wall Street.

About the R3 Consortium

R3 is the creator of the Corda blockchain. The consortium has over 300 members which hail from all the corners in the world, considering both the public and the private sector.

The R3 team develops the Corda blockchain, which is fully open source. The core team has over 180 professionals from 13 countries, but the initiative, big as it is, has the support of over 2,000 professionals from all the world that cooperate in the creation of this blockchain.

At the moment, the Corda technology is getting increasingly popular and it is already being used in the sector of finances, trades, shipping, insurance, healthcare and others.

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