With the large number of high-profile cyber-attacks targeting governments, banks, and businesses, it would be wise t conclude that every organizational structure is at risk of these cyber thieves. Whether an SME or a large corporation, any corporation is an excellent target for the hackers to exploit.

Additionally, the sophistication, frequency, and scale of these online attacks continue to increase by the day. The attacks are becoming more surgical concise and pervasive for our existing platforms. Although others get detected, they are still others that are hard to contain. Luckily, blockchain technology is providing a solution to tackling the challenges facing cybersecurity. Here a review of one such blockchain venture, that could make the difference in data security.

What Is R3Sec?

R3 Sec is a blockchain platform that plans to challenge cybersecurity threats by providing a paradigm shift. The unique concept within r3sec is the use of security features that compliment a robust system rather than a perfect security solution. Rather than prevent the intruders using a straightforward approach, R3SEC will improvise modifications that make a security impression through the blockchain technology. Their leading technology (Moving Target Defense) works on the concept of minimizing intrusion by shifting the cybersecurity focus to consequence management. As of now, R3 SEC is working on different cyber resilient solutions for cloud applications, APIs, IoT, and decentralized web services.

How The Moving Target Defense System Works

The MTD technology functions by placing networks, servers, applications and other services into a virtual instance. Once inside the virtual portal, the appliances are put into motion in a rotation manner. Inside the systems are put into two categories: active and non-active elements. The active instance will work to have itself replaced with a clear case each minute with the first instance remains inactive through the self-replacement technology.

In case of a cyber-attack, the intruder takes notice of a database or system to hack but will not be able to accomplish anything due to the replacement instances. Whenever an attempted breach or attack takes place, the MTD technology detects the anomalies and works to ensure further hacking damage can take place. The concept is to make it harder for the cyber thief to hack your data due to the technology eliminating and replacing itself within short intervals for the hacker.

R3SEC Blockchain Cybersecurity Solution Benefits

  • Discounted pricing- each user is entitled to a certain number of rotations which come with some graded discounts
  • Rewards and promotions- take part in R3Sec’s ecosystem, and you can earn rewards for your positive contributions to the community
  • Decentralized nature of hosting- the utilization of the tokens allows for a decentralized structure of management, giving the user power and control.
  • Lower cost of fighting cybercriminals- instead of hiring professional IT experts, the system is less expensive and more precise in monitoring and handling attacks
  • Minimum effect of breach
  • Less intruder access time
  • High resilience security.

R3Sec R3S ICO Details

  • Token ICO Starts In April 2018
  • Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, COR

How Does R3SEC Rank?

R3Sec is set to become a game changer in how we manage our cybersecurity. Presently, the market is rife with challenges, and R3SEC’s MTD technology could prove essential in how we protect our assets in the virtual world. However, the technology is relatively fresh and will need a considerable shift regarding adoption within the different sectors for it to have a positive impact on cybersecurity.

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