ICO Radio

Imagine a world where it would be possible to create your own radio station and make money with it. However, it is very complicated and expensive to try such a fit right now. The aim of this project is to come up with a new format of Radio where anyone can become a host. This will be possible even if you have no technical skills on how to set up the Radio station. With time, you can then monetize your time on the airwaves.

The Aim of The Radio Project

Developers of this project will create a project that will offer everyone the opportunity to express their opinions, get feedback, and share their knowledge with the world. To achieve this goal, they will utilize innovative technology. For purposes of data storage, they will utilize IPFS technology. The technology will be decentralized and will ensure everyone has free speech.

The technology that they will use for this project is based on the WebRTC technology. It provides video and audio broadcasting capabilities. Up to now, this technology has been limited to Google browsers and Android devices. Apple brought this technology to its ecosystem on September 12, 2017. Since then, it is found on all devices that the company produces. Currently, everyone has access to the technology.

Advanced Technologies

The approach this project will utilize is based on a few key technologies. The Node.js and Meteor technologies bring about opportunities for scalability. It ensures that transmission speeds become quite fast. The WebRTC makes voice broadcasting possible as well as video broadcasting. This is all achieved without having to go via a server and installation of more software. It means that you will be able to broadcast directly via your browser. The IPFS technology offers free access to data and the decentralized storage.

The entire project is open source and has the aim of managing data flow between browsers via point-to-point configuration. It will utilize the W3C recommendations and is supported by Mozilla, Opera, Google Chrome, and now in Safari.

The project also utilizes modern video and audio codecs, which ensures that you will not need to install any special software. Every connection via this platform will be encrypted to ensure a high degree of security. WebRTC applications work well on any desktop on mobile OS as long as it supports WebRTC.

Become A Radio Host

With this technology, anyone will be able to create a radio show without any technical skills. If you want to see which radio stations are active, you will be able to view it on a global map. Besides that, you will get to learn about popular events. With decentralization, freedom of speech is assured. In future, this project will introduce video broadcasting. That technology is still being tested to date.

RDO Tokens

The RDO tokens will offer you the chance to invest in new technology. This project will offer everyone in the world freedom to speak. The pre-ICO has already started; the main ICO is set to launch on June 26, 2018.

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