Today we will talk about RAO Tokens, a new cryptocurrency which will emerge in the market soon. But before we talk about them, we have to pay attention to the company which is releasing this new cryptocurrency: RadioYo. Read the review.

What Is RadioYo?

RadioYo is an online radio platform which can be used by podcasters, online broadcasters and independent members of the media to publish their work online. This company will offer a marketplace in which you will be able to upload, host and stream your radio show or program and monetize it.

The company is looking to integrate blockchain technology to its current platform. This will enable the content creators to store their works directly on the blockchain, automate the collection and distribution of payments and receive rewards in cryptocurrency.

Also, by using blockchain technology, the company will be able to integrate its product with other decentralized apps, AI and bots used on the blockchain. This way, RadioYo intends to create an even bigger community than it has today. This will make consumers and content creators more near to each other and create connections.

The company intends to implement all the basic features of the platform until the end of 2018 and to add text, video and image support in 2019, transforming its platform in more than just a radio platform.

Who Runs RadioYo Blockchain Podcast & Broadcast Services?

RadioTo was created by Steven Blinn, which had more than 20 years of experience in the PR and marketing industry, since the foundation of the company, he is acting as the director of the radio. His right hand is Cary Torkelson, which is the technical lead. He co-founded two mobile software companies and has experience in investments and in the creation of startup companies.

Other important figures are Yassine Zerguine, senior blockchain developer, and Girish Ramnani, also a blockchain developer. This company has a partnership with the Indian company Trignobit Technologies, which provides RadioYo with technological support.

RadioYo RAO ICO Details

The RAO Tokens will be the center of the biggest change in the platform: the way that people will be able to monetize their content. The tokens will be used to reward the companies for their content. IF they produce a content that is wanted by the public and that contain the desired features that they want, the people will give their tokens to the company so they can continue their work.

This empowers the users and the people who really make a good job because they will not be paid for the audience but for the quality of their content, which is more fair because people pay for what they desire instead of consuming cheap content passively.

The RAO tokens will be divided into three groups of 33,3% of the 100,000,000 tokens. A third will be sold during the ICO (at the price of $0.10 USD per RAO token), 33% will remain with the company and the final third will be used for marketing, operations, incentives and other similar programs.

The ICO still does not have an official date.

RadioYo Verdict

It would be impossible to overlook the importance of a platform like RadioYo, but it is still considerably early to know is their efforts in creating this new token will really succeed or not. Because of this, we recommend you to be cautious.

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