Saturn Network

The Saturn Network, which will use the Saturn Protocol, will be a decentralized way to govern exchanges. The company decided to start the protocol on their exchange platform in order to really make their clients feel safe when using it.

What Is Saturn Network & Radex Platform?

The Radex Platform will be the cryptocurrency exchange that, together with the Saturn Protocol, will make the Saturn Network possible. It will be a fully decentralized exchange which will charge zero fees from its clients.

The company states that Radex operates 100% of the time using the Ethereum blockchain and that it will always be online and operational. Also, you will always have access to the exchange even if your government does not want you to have access because the Ethereum blockchain is not necessarily stored anywhere, so it cannot be blocked.

You will be able to trade 100% anonymously and everybody will have access to the same data. The Saturn Protocol will become open source as soon as the platform is released. The platform will be fully accessible from both desktop computers and mobile applications.

Radex will not be compatible with tokens from other exchanges which are not Ethereum because of security reasons. Only the Ethereum smart contracts can be as secure as this company needs to be.

Saturn Network Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The Saturn DAO will be a way to ensure that the developers will be a way to prevent this company from taking decisions that are against the majority of the people. Anyone who holds Saturn tokens will have the power to vote on any changes that might be made on the Saturn Network and its exchange platform, Radex.

This is excellent because it empowers the people who really use the system, not only the owners or developers. Any removal of token from the ones traded on the exchange or changes in how the system works will have to be voted first.

Some ideas that the developers have for the future of the Radex exchange include trading bots and other features, but all of this will have to be voted by the token holders first.

Rados Saturn Network Tokens ICO

As stated before, the token holders will be able to vote on any changes that are made to the Radex platform, so you have to buy the tokens during the ICO if you want the opportunity to vote (and the tokens can also be a good investment).

At the moment, you can buy Saturn tokens before the ICO date and receive a discount of 50%, but you have to buy in big quantities to be able to participate. The official price per token is 1 ETH per 50,000 Satun tokens. The ICO will begin in the future.

Token holders will receive airdrops from other tokens. You can consult more information about this with the company.

Rados Saturn Network Radex Blockchain Protocol Verdict

It is hard to be actually sure if the Saturn Network is so different from other exchanges without looking at its technical details, but the company looks promising. Also, it is always a positive point when companies are able to give up some of their power and empower the community as the Saturn Network intends to do.


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