Rain Cloud Coin

Rain Cloud Coin brags to be the very first type of platform that is 100 percent automated, a platform that has been designed to make trading very easy for everyone. But we are not so confident about this new platform so read on as you find out why you should really stay clear of it.

Why You Should Stay Clear From Rain Cloud Coin

Rain Cloud Coin claims they have created a straightforward and also complete solution that investors can explore in their online trading endeavors and this is all thanks to the features they have put in place. The platform says they have designed an effortless setup that one should take advantage of as it will only take you about five minutes and you can start on the magic. Once on the platform, you will not need to do any downloads.

They have also put in place multiple systems were the platform can combine more than 500 signals. This all sounds great having numerous systems in place to ensure your trading is timely and successful, but the thing that worries us is the type of systems that have been put in place. The company has not enlightened the users on the multiple systems they have in place to create some level of confidence that genuinely trading on the platform will be a success.

Cloud Coin also has a support team that is available to answer your questions 24/7 either through mail or on phone. But when the company states they have an agent that generally answers the phones after every 15 minutes it does not sound like something reliable. The crypto market is very volatile so waiting for about 15 minutes to get a response on an urgent question you might have is way too long.

As it is still a very young platform in the market, it would be best to give it some time to grow.

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  1. This site “Rain Cloud” is a ripping off a legitimate site cloudcoin.global and using its name and logos without consent


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