Raison RSN ICO Review

What is Raison RSN?

Raison is a company that is said to help you with investment opportunities that only professionals have access to. They also promise to integrate all areas of your financial life into one application. And give you the ability to manage capital at any time from anywhere with more effectiveness.

It should be noted – On many review website, Raison is considered a High Risk investment.

How Does Raison Work?

Raison uses pools from all their accounts to perform analytics and improve cash flows. They use the data collected to gain recommendations that will ultimately be used to improve the financial wellbeing of their users. The application process for the company is also said to be ideal for other financial services as well, but all operated from a single platform.

The platform has the main goal of focusing on functionality and to keep it simple. Even though it’s based on the highest end, state of the art financial institutions solutions, they are simple enough for anyone to operate.

They are mostly designed to target people living in Eastern Europe and who operate with mostly transparent regions who keep positive attitudes about cryptocurrency and where it is going. They are promising to be excellent investors who can help you make a lot of money. Also, the market development is by prioritized for Eastern Europe and Great Britain as well as the United States.

Raison is the platform that is ideal for handling all investments and personal finance management. They also employ Artificial Intelligence to keep the system simple for all users. This in turn is said to increase usability for everyone involved while bringing ultimate opportunities to the users. And all of it is said to operate on the famous blockchain technology.

The platform will also be used to analyze other user’s data so financial solutions can be solved from a pool of related data. This is said to have applications for everyday life as well. And to help people who are looking to operate and pay with Apple Pay for example or settle bills jointly for dinner. They have apparently integrated all the needed software for different financial situations a person may face on a day to day basis.

They will use the Ethereum ERC20 Standard Token. There is a team behind them according to the website. But according to ICO holder, they are all unverified members of the team. This is a red flag that throws up signs of scam or fraud. It’s best for anyone to stay away from companies like this because the risk of getting ripped off or in trouble. Raison doesn’t divulge any information on where they are from either.

Raison RSN ICO Conclusion

They claim to be a financial analytical powerhouse platform. But no information given by the company shows why we should believe this is true. Instead they use unverified team members and vague descriptions of what they do to entice naïve investors. They are a high-risk investment company and should be avoided or used with caution.

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