With the dramatic surge we are witnessing with blockchain and cryptocurrency, every individual or organization want to get their hands on these digital assets. However, most people often face the problem of access to acquire the cryptocurrency they want. While we have the option of purchasing the digital assets, more people tend to rely on mining. However, not everybody has access to the technology that could enable them to mine the cryptocurrency. That gives rise to the hosting and colocation services which make the mining much more accessible by providing the ready infrastructure, electricity, and security needed. For any crypto enthusiast, the next venture's concept is much more similar and promises to lay out plans to become a mining operation for the whole cryptocurrency community.

About RAM Token

TOTAL SUPPLY: 700,000,000 RAM
Reserved for future updates: 200,000,000 RAM
Reserve for sale: 500,000,000 RAM

1# Pre-sale: 100,000,000 RAM
2# Pre-Sale: 150,000,000 RAM
Crowdsale: 250,000,000 RAM

RAM token is a cryptocurrency that will enable it holders to access a range of mining services to allow them to profitable invest and gain. The RAMCOIN is the platform official crypto and users would need to start by purchasing an amount which will represent their share of the RAM venture. Each token will go into several mining options, and this will get the investors a share of the mining hardware and software owned by the platform.

The Features

  • ASIC Farm-RAM token primary goal is to create an ASIC farm where RAM owners get to own a portion of the net income from the mining farm. That will be regardless of the level of difficulty in the mining, as the development of ASIC farm ensures the earnings also increase.
  • Mining pool-RAM token also has a goal to create a mining pool from where investors get access to mine some of the most valuable coins using the latest equipment and with maximum efficiency.
  • Mining analysis-within the mining pool, RAM token will create an analysis system to provide investors with insight on what coins are best to mine.

The Advantages of Using RAM Token

  • With the mining project, the investors will gain several benefits including
  • No commission fees within the RAM pool with the token owners experiencing the benefit of an efficient mining system.
  • Profit generation from the RAM ASIC Farm partnership will go into distribution among the token holders
  • Open membership for the RAM pool regardless of nationality
  • Environmentally friendly mining operation as the ASIC mining farm will rely on power plants using wind turbines and solar panels.
  • Revenue distribution will work under a fair system of delivery

The Risks of Using RAM Token

There are plenty of risks I would identify with the RAM token project. A significant issue is with the development team who are somewhat shadowy and not known. Additionally, their mining operation is not offering anything unique to their clientele. Both these factors and several others could make a sound conclusion on the potential risk of the project not outliving its phase.

Bottom Line

While there are plenty of mining operations, it would go without saying that not all have merit to provide what they promise genuinely. While this is a significant challenge, the ultimate task is to get their idea to start off as the whole project is just in theory. Consequently, I would concur that the project would not have any significant impact on the crypto scene, but till then it is a wait and sees moment.

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