Investment opportunities are trying to be different from the norm we have been accustomed to over the years. It is just to ensure they get investors interested and also attract different types of individuals to the investment world. This time around we are looking at the sports fanatics; if you are a sports fan, then this is a platform you should look into.

What Is RankingBall?

RankingBall has been able to transform the various fans of sports and also esports from just being idle spectators in their living room to a fully engaged spectator. It is a play by play skill game that has been designed around the blockchain technology. It is the ultimate strategic predication platform you should be a part of to turn your idle time into something meaningful.

The platform offers its users various things; this is from a new way that you can play. The platform has ensured they have gone a step further in the fantasy sports or the traditional methods of betting in sports. It is by creating a blockchain based ecosystem that will reward you as a sports fan, players, streamers, esport developers, no one is being left behind.

For the last four years, this platform has been open in the beta tests, so it has been proven from time to time again, it is one that you should trust as they know what they are doing. They have been around in various sporting events and leagues like EPL, MLB, and even the NBA. But this is not all as they have also been around for the esports giants like the League of Legends, DOTA 2, and CS: GO.

The platform has also been designed in a manner it plays well with others, as it has been built to collaborate with the publishers and developers, media and streamers. In April RankingBall will launch as an independent platform, and from these partnerships from CBS, ESPN and also Twitch are expected to be in place, something you should look out for.

RankingBall Benefits Enjoyed By Token Holders

As a token holder, there are several benefits you will be able to enjoy. The first one being dividends, you will earn up to about 10% of the company’s operating profit, this is shared with all the current token holders.

You will also earn interest of 10% to 15% annually and also an Airdrop. What this is, in the event RankingBall invests in new tokens you will also gain a piece of the prize. But this is not all as you are also able to participate in the exclusive contests that tend to take place during the major sports events, this is like the World Cup and the Invitational.

RankingBall RBG Token ICO Details

The tokensale for the RBG token will begin on May 21st through June 3rd. All you will need to do is complete a 5 minute KYC application. Once this is complete, then you are in to get a piece of the action. The accepted currency to invest in the RBG token is Ethereum.

Allocation Of Funds

  • Marketing Reserve: 30%
  • Presale and Crowdsale for 1st ICO: 25%
  • Presale and Crowdsale for 2nd ICO: 25%
  • Business Partnership Reserve: 10%
  • Founding Team And Dev Team: 10%

RankingBall eSports Gaming Blockchain Conclusion

The RankingBall platform has genuinely unlocked the future in sports and esports betting, as it will transform you from an idle fan to a spectator who is fully engaged with the game and the investment you have put in. It is also the very first skill-based game that can use real-time data from the sports events.

So if you are a sports fan this is a platform you should be a part of, you have nothing to lose during your idle time but a lot to gain from the tokens you purchase.

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