Rap Crypto Music Videos

Could it be that a rapper named Vandal is Satoshi Nakamoto, when he goes Rambo on his Lambo using Polo? You can only find out if you’re down to listening to the sick beats of Jason Vandal Schadt’s “Rap Crypto”.

Dedicated to the awesome gentlemen and ladies in the house of crypto, Vandal provides a meticulous on-chain scaling of beats just like the much awaited and anticipated for Eminem album, Revival.

Rap Crypto’s in the House

Bitcoin Schmitcoin ‘ain’t got nothin’ on this Canadian hip-hop artist, who’s been dabbling in the fine art of rhythmic word forging. His rap was fashioned and twisted during the recent ICO ban in China.

This probably explains where he got his inspiration from as bitcoin’s price underwent some massive ups and downs. Originally performing in Canada and Malaysia, the astute rapper has found his niche by combining the best of crypto and rap culture.

Among his many projects include the Crib Show which dabbles on the intricacies of a myriad of things primarily hip hop culture, both local and international . As the producer, he’s had the privilege of having DJ Lethal Skillz, DJ Nesh and DJ Augie.

Blending Music and Crypto

Call them ‘musically gifted’ and astute business people. One cannot doubt the business acumen of music artists who can fuse their music with bitcoin integration. One of the early pioneers in this segment is the renowned Icelander Björk, who accepts bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for her new album.

In a recent press release:

“Björk will also be the first artist to use cryptocurrencies in a meaningful way. Its album will be available for pre-sale using Bitcoin (BTC, Audiocoin (ADC), Litecoin (LTC) y Dash (DASH).”

Rappers Nas and Snoop Dogg also have their hands dipped in the golden cauldron of cryptocurrency investing. The latter accepts bitcoins while the former is invested in Coinbase as well as other promising crypto projects.

Big Opportunities in the Cryptocurrency Financial Revolution

Nowhere else in the history of investing has people gotten so primed and pumped with the gains to be had in the cryptosphere. This is not just about the astronomical price increases of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash and others. It’s also about the spectacular increases in the market capitalization of the overall environment. The total market capitalization has now reached $304 billion dollars. Quite a feat for a short period of time.

ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings created a frenzy in fund raising for various projects. This has raised over $3 billion just for this year alone. The market flurry of funds was so extreme regulators had to come in to put a brake on the momentum by instituting restrictive requirements similar to banks’ Know Your Customer (KYC) policies as well as Anti Money Laundering regulations. It remains to be seen how these will impact future ICOs.

But the news that takes the cake is bitcoin’s phenomenal rise in the last 24 hours of trading. Over $11 billion dollars in volume has been transacted and exchanged as institutional investors and Wall St., types begin to come in.

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