Rapper 21 Savage Became ‘Very Rich' Since He Moved From Jewells to Cryptocurrencies

MC artist 21 Savage is an important rapper that was the number one on the charts back in 2017. But behind him, there is a hard life story that is worth talking about. Shayaa Bin Abraham Joseph, also known as 21 Savage, grew up in the city of Atlanta having a very difficult situation.

He was kicked out of school and spent some time in a youth detention facility. Later, he lost a brother because of gun violence. Moreover, in 2013, he has been shot 6 times in a robbery, where he lost a very close friend.

Since that moment, he was able to recover from it and grow as a professional rapper. And because of the life and experience he had, he is able to keep his life in order.

From Jewells to Cryptos

He mentioned during an interview with Vogue that he stopped wearing jewelry for different reasons, including the fact that as they were very expensive, he was spending a lot of money on them. Now that he was able to learn, he said that he is getting way richer.

This money that now he is not spending in jewels, is now being used to help kids keep their studies during school and helping teens to manage finances.

21 Savage, his manager wrote a Tweet explaining that the rapper no longer wars jewelry. ‘Crypto and youth start ups is what he wanna make cool for young rappers to do,” said Stone Mound Meezy (also known as @Megameezy).

21 Savage has been investing in virtual currencies and building a crypto portfolio that has been used to increase the value of his holdings.

In the past, he appeared in different parties, for example, at the Legends Room in Las Vegas for the New Year’s bash. At the ‘world’s only crypto lounge,’ it is possible to pay for drinks and other services in Bitcoin, Ethereum or a local virtual currency.

This famous rapper, with his hard life and experience in managing money, is also teaching kids how to invest their funds and save some part of their earnings in virtual currencies.

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