The meteoric rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has given rise to many products around it. Some of these products have an esoteric business model, which is hard for laymen to understand. Some of these models are elementary that you wonder if anything that simple can work. But rarely you come about products that do not offer a business model at all.

Raptorz.Zone is one of those products in which you can’t find any business model.

About Raptorz.Zone

Raptorz.Zone are one and only investment asset company that pays monthly dividends in Ethereum. They are a team of elite professionals that have more than 10 years of experience in strategic investment. They have a philosophy of not competing in market, as they think competition limits success. With a team of highly passionate and motivated individuals, they want to stand out of the crowd.

How It Works?

You have to buy and hold tokens to watch your investment grow. After 7 months, your entire initial investment will be returned back to your Ethereum deposit address. They guarantee a minimum of 50% return yearly in all market conditions. They do so by having only professionals of crypto space since 2013-14 in the team and not allowing any newbie in it. If the user wants to change their Ethereum wallet address, they can contact support.

Raptor Tokens(RTR)

Raptor token can be used as a means of payment as well for value investment. They claim to be the only token that pays monthly dividends in ETH. It is easy to use with fast transactions and negligible fees. There are many options available for storing and trading. It is an advanced ERC20 token which resides on Ethereum blockchain.

Maximum supply of the token is 18162015 with a total of 7000000 to be released in 2018. Out of which first batch of ICO will have a volume of 2000000 RTR which will be sold at a price of 0.00005 ETH/RTR and the second batch, that will have a value of 5000000 will be sold at a rate of 0.0005 ETH/RTR.

70% of the total profit will be distributed within investors, 15% of total profit is allocated to the development team behind the project, 5% of profit is for marketing and promotional purposes and 10% of profits will be donated for a noble cause of their choice.

Tokens will be distributed within 2-5 days after ETH deposit and will be listed in the month of April 2018.

Raptor Conclusion

If you look at this project objectively, you are bound to find nothing there. There are no details of any team member, founders or CEOs. There is no White paper to give a detailed mission statement describing their business, no minimum viable product to show a working model and no company history. No technical details about the coin is provided and there is no timeline for the token sale. The claim that they will give 50% return regardless of the market conditions can be made only by a scam artist or newbies. The website looks straight out of a free template and there is no company communication address. All these signs are a certain red flag for a scam.

You can make up your judgment call by looking at their website .

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