The blockchain market is constantly innovating in technology and business models to create a more profitable and efficient environment. Today we will review a cryptocurrency which promises to take the blockchain technology to its next level, RAR Tokens.

What Is RAR Tokens?

RAR Tokens are self-regulated and mathematically interlocked tokens. What does this mean? That this tokens, along with other cryptocurrencies made by the same company, are interlocked in order to create an environment in which they can achieve stability, which is one the rarest features of a cryptocurrency.

The main objective of the company is the creation of a system of predictable tokens. If the cryptocurrency market is widely known for its volatility and its unpredictability, with the mix of RAX, AVY and RAZ tokens, this company intends to create a stable market which can be easily predictable and more stable than most of the current cryptocurrencies.

How Do RAR Tokens And RAX, AVY & RAZ Coins Work Together?

RAR Tokens are part of a bigger family of tokens. This family includes the tokens cites above. They are all mathematically connected to each other and play a vital role in achieving stability because one token support the other one. They are ERC20 tokens which are based on the Ethereum blockchain.

The RAX tokens are the most important tokens of the family and will be the pinnacle of the economy. They have a total supply of 23,600,000 units. AVY tokens were created to stabilize the intrinsic value of the other two tokens. It is the most important piece to stabilize the system. There are a total of 38,200,000 AVY tokens.

Finally, there are the RAZ tokens. They have a supply of 61,800,000 tokens and are the bottom of the system. Their goal is to be used in daily activities and commerce. Together, these three tokens form the RAR Token family.

The utilization of these three tokens forms an environment in which stability and predictability are the keys to success. The tokens support and preserve each other and if one starts to go out of its planned way, the other one can be manipulated and used to set that token to its right path.

These tokens completely breaks with the idea that cryptocurrencies need to be volatile and that you cannot have much control over them because this level of control creates a greater predictability for the market and this makes them more available for practical use, as their price does not chance 20% in a single day, for example.

The total numbers of the tokens are based on the Fibonacci numbers, which help them make the tokens more stable. As the tokens are linked, if the price of as single one changes, the other one also does, so their prices will be more easy to control.

RAR Tokens ICO Details

Are you interested in investing in RAR Tokens? The company decided not to make any Initial Coin Offering (ICO), so the only way that you can acquire tokens is by buying them at exchanges. Because of this, you will have to pay the market price for them.

You can buy both RAX, AVY and RAZ tokens at EtherDelta or ForkDelta.

RAR Tokens Verdict

Did this article interested you in acquiring RAR Tokens? These are, in fact, very interesting cryptocurrencies. By using a system in which their prices are linked, you can see that there are mechanisms that prevent the market from making the prices fall too fast, which is great. While Bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies struggle, RAR Tokens might be a great solution.

The potential of these tokens is very big because one of the biggest, if not the single biggest problem of this market is how unpredictable it currently is. Surely, there will be more tokens using protocols like this one in the future, but remember that Bitcoin was a first and that is why it is still so valuable despite having older technology than its competition.

You can buy RAZ, RAZ and AVY tokens without being too worried. This is a good investment, you can be sure of this. If you want to know more about this company, you should study it more, but we are sure that you will be investing well if you decide to invest in the RAR Token family.

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