Rare Pepe party

With each passing day, there are new/novel ventures being launched on the blockchain network. Rare Pepe Party is one such project that aims to serve not only as an investment opportunity, but also function as a fully playable Trading Card Game (TCG). In addition to this, Rare Pepe Party also incorporates certain elements of a Role Playing Game (RPG) that have been inspired by franchises such as Hearthstone and Pokemon.

How Does the Rare Pepe Party Game Work?

According to the website, when using the Single player mode, users will have complete access to the first chapter of the game, following which, each subsequent chapter has to be paid for. All purchases are made using a native DEX token. In addition to this, there will also be many other in game microtransactions that can be done in order for RarePepe shareholders to earn regular monetary incentives.

Additional Details

Once logged in, each player on the network will have the ability to choose between a wide range of characters including the Pepe meme (that has gone viral on the internet in recent months) and various other variants which include female characters, and other ethnic pepe meme’s etc. In addition to this, the company also aims to slowly include more characters as and when they deem fit.

In terms of multiplayer battles, there will be two main modes that one can choose between. These include:

  • Friendly Battles
  • Ranked Battles

When using the friendly battle mode, players will not be able to earn monetary incentives. However, they can still increase their in game reputation. Similarly, in the Ranked battle mode, players are needed to place a minimum wager.

How Do I Become a Part of the Rare Pepe Party Project?

The current share tier price as per the website is $61.8. Users can make investments by buying Counterparty tokens at the Decentralized Exchange (DEX). Once a purchase has been made, earnings that are due to users will be distributed in the form of dividends that will be given out once the game has been commercially released.

In terms of how to make an investment, users can go any XCP from any of the following exchanges:

Once tokens have been purchased, users can immediately send all of their assets to their Rare Pepe wallet with the click of a button. For any further queries, users can directly email the creator of this game (John Vilar) on the address provided on the website.

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