The blockchain technology is enabling companies to mix it with other types of business and create whole new markets. Today we will review Rate Date, a blockchain dating network.

What Is Rate Date?

Rate Date promises to use the blockchain technology to create a revolution in the online dating industry. By using a global P2P dating network, the company intends to change the way that people use dating sites.

The company states that the online dating market moves more than $3 million USD annually and that a quarter of the adults are using this type of site. Because of this, this is a market that is ripe for exploration and still has much space for new companies.

This company is managed by Katerina Usatenko (CEO), which has experience in this kind of project, and people like Dmitriy Abel (CTO) and Dmitry Nadsadin (project manager). This company is also partners with Inicta Capital.

How Does Rate Date Online Blockchain Dating Network Token Work?

Rate Date works as a dating app and a social network platform with the ability to provide online video date auctions. Not only will you be able to communicate with interesting people but you will also be able to take part in auctions as well.

One of the key ideas that drives the business model of Rate Date is the online video date auctions. Any user can place his online profile for auction. There are two types of users: Daters, which are registered users who place their profiles for online auction and Raters, which are also registered users who participate in the online auctions.

Raters will have to pay to participate in the online auctions. The winner will be the one who paid the most (as in any auction). If everything goes well, the Dater receives 20% of the winning bet. The other funds go to the company. The tokens can be used for the acquisition of premium accounts which will have special features and functionalities and for buying additional services like gifts and emojis.

Rate Date RDT ICO Details

If you want to buy tokens from Rate Date, you can do so by investing in this company during the Initial Coin Offering. The RDT tokens will be the payment unit on the platform and they will grant to the users freedom to buy services in the company. The sale will begin on February 25 and it will last about a month.

The RDT tokens are Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens and 50,000,000 RDT will be issued but only 37,000,000 RDT tokens will be sold during the ICO. The company will be selling the tokens for $0.40 USD during the sale but it plans to raise their value to at least $1.70 USD until the half of 2021.

If you buy the RDT tokens in the first of the ICO, you will be able to get discounts which will range from 20% to 5%.

Rate Date Verdict

Is this company a great investment? We would not rate it as a great investment, but it can be a good one under the certain circumstances. If you plan to use the services provided by this company, this can be a good investment as you will be able to pay less to use them, so it can be a good idea to invest in Rate Date if you already liked the platform.

If your objective is only to find a profitable investment which can grant you a great return on investment, then it would be a good idea to look somewhere else for it. Rate Date does not seem like a platform which will be able to give you that, so while it might indeed give you a return on investment, it might not be as good as you wanted to if you invest in this company.

The choice is yours, but remember the risks and the possible gains before you decide if you are going to invest in this company or if you are not willing to do that at this moment. Rate Date might be an interesting platform, but only you can say if it will be good for you.

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