What is RateI.CO?

RateI.CO platform is one that consists of experts in the blockchain technology, blockchain and business marketing. Apparently, it will make the market for ICO’s much safe and honest. Rate.IO will also give new investors the ability to overcome fears that happen in the industry. And not only that, but to let go of doubt, experts from the different fields will also be able to analyze and rate each of the ICOs on their level of trustworthiness, where potential investors that can help guide them on their journey.

The reviews will even be placed in 11 different languages. And the tokens for the platform known as STARS tokens are picked up when the ICO or at a later time through another exchange. This in turn allows anyone involved in the Rate ICO auction.

How Does RateI.CO Work?

With the platform, there is also new features coming out as well. They include new parameters under which and ICO can be rated, new tools for investors are also available as are teams to help with ICOs. And there is even an additional STARS exchange.

A lot of the people are currently unaware of how significant and the benefits are the platform brings to the table. And the platform will also help to bring new projects to the ICO space. The Platform is currently getting a lot of attention from investors throughout the industry.

As the system starts to grow, so will the payments they accept. But as of now, they only take ETH for payments. And soon they will be replacing tokens with new ones that have been based on another decentralized network. Because it seams that Ether is a token that actually contradicts the blockchains basic principle of blockchain technology. And that includes decentralized framework that is based on DAGs or Directed Acyclic Graphs.

The DAGs are designed to give freedom apparently, and everything operates on a completely opensource network with no fees and actual decentralization. This is called the Fibonacci Under Rate ICO and is used by Pioneers to basically develop under the Rate ICO and they will in turn use it to create the new Quant Messenger. It’s a completely independent network that is also decentralized as well.

And apparently all the funds collected on the system will be used for the purpose of buying other currencies like bitcoin as well as normal Fiat. They apparently doubt the prospects of Ethereum.

What is the Rate ICO (STR Token)?

While many of the users of the platform as operating with ICOs, many of them have no resources to see the ICO through to completion or have no idea of how powerful events are and their ultimate significance.

Ratei.co is also garnering attention as well as serious interest from many of the larger investors in the industry. With the experts for its role in the spreading of awareness and the importance of benefits s well as some of the other benefits that are considered to be more critical and saved for professional ICOs approaches.

Who is Behind Rate ICO (STR Token)?

The Ratei.co platform is made up of many different experts in the different sectors of IT, blockchain, business and financial as well as marketing who are looking to solve the problem with emerging ICOs on the market with professional and very careful optimism.

The community is united by a single purpose – to seek sober and experienced business. They also come together to be a major force to help create more clarity in the market that is also cleaner.

Rate ICO (STR Token) in Conclusion

The company website is actually fairly difficult to follow. There is a lot going on, and the righting seems a little hard to understand. If they actually cleaned up the website a bit, there may actually be some good content and opportunities seen by working with the network. But until they clean it up a little bit and give more information on the pole who are running the show, then it’s going to be very hard to fully trust the company and all the people on the team.

But at the same time, there are so many different people on the team who have verified LinkedIn profiles, means that the company is likely legit and will help people make a lot of money in the long run.

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