The Ravn platform has been considered as the very first anonymous and invisible messenger app that is fully encrypted thanks to the Korrax. The platform has Stellar smart contract functionality, one that can be supported either with the Android or Apple IOS. It has been designed in a manner that it is fully encrypted to ensure you enjoy your privacy.

What Is Ravn?

Ravn is an app that has been designed for an invisible chat; it is all thanks to the military grade AES-256 OMEMO encryption. The platform allows users to store their documents in a secure place, video chat with various people, secure photo transfer all thanks to the blockchain technology.

As the platform has been designed on the blockchain technology, you are assured to get smart contract functionality, but it does not work alone as the company also has the Korrax token.

What Is Korrax?

The Korrax is a stellar based utility token that has been designed with an invisible wallet. It also has the AI based oracle that allows the various users the ability to exploit the anonymous payment for your income stream. It has an anonymous stealth address with mixing pools and a utility payment for the smart contracts.

This token has desirable features to ensure users enjoy their privacy. If you would like to get a hold of the token, well, there is a pre-ICO that is launching on June 7th, 2018, so that is about 22 days. Ensure to mark this on your calendar.

The coin distribution will be carried out as follows, 50% will be for the participants, 40% to the Ravn INC, and 10% for private placement.

How Ravn Korrax Blockchain Encrypted Messenger App Works

The team that is behind the Ravn technology has been built around Jaspreet, who is a XMPP wizard, one that has over 50 XMPP chat applications. Jaspreet was a former consultant for the ConversationIM; it is the platform that is responsible for creating OMEMO. OMEMO is an encrypted protocol that has been based on the signal protocol.

Before he joined Ravn, he was the senior specialist product developer at the FIS Global, from here the company made sure they recruited the best talent that will assist the company in building the best project. With the fantastic features that this platform can offer various users the next thing is to ensure the token is listed on the exchanges.

The company will ensure it will be working on listing the KRX token to as many exchanges as possible; it is to make it readily available to all. The token generation event will be at 0.05 cents to the USD. At this event Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar Lumens will be accepted and converted; this will help in reflecting the pegged price of the token.

Ravn Korrax KRX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: KRX
  • Token pre Sale Starts: June 7th, 2018
  • Token Sale: sep 18, 2018
  • Token Price: 1KRX = .05 USD
  • Total Supply:

Ravn Korrax Conclusion

Having a secure platform that you can store and transact on is every investor dream. Especially with the increasing number of hackers that have gotten into the ever-growing crypto market. The Ravn app has ensured they have the best system in place so that you enjoy safe chats with various people and a platform that will help you securely store your documents and swiftly transfer them when need be.

Ensure to mark the pre-sale on your calendar as this is not a token you would want to miss out on.


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