A large number of people who use digital currencies appreciate the fact that one of the most important characteristics that the right Digital currency platform might have is complete anonymity and privacy. While a number of digital currency platforms have achieved this to some degree, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Razor aims to solve this problem by integrating its Digital currency platform with the popular anonymous Tor network, thereby arriving at a solution which is truly anonymous and private, extremely secure and full of important features that can make it a lucrative distal currency platform for enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Especially for people who use digital currency for the sheer fact that it is private and anonymous, the Razor platform does indeed hold a lot of promise, offering people with new standards of privacy and anonymity along with a feature-rich platform that is capable of a number of different kinds of applications.

Razorcoin Special Features

A known fact among digital currency enthusiasts is that there is no alternative for complete anonymity in the digital currency realm, and Razor aims to solve this problem by tapping into one of the most popular anonymous, encrypted networks currently in use.

With Razor, those who have been drawn to the world of digital currencies purely due to the allure of privacy can have peace of mind, and the multiple features that support this platform act as added incentive, making this one of the more innovative solutions in the digital currency market that users can avail currently.

With extensive security and privacy measures, this indeed can be the one truly anonymous digital currency platform moving forward.

Razorcoin Complete Anonymity

For people who value anonymity, the Tor network has for long been the place to be. Razor harnesses the power and features of the Tor network by using it to handle transactions, which completely separates users from their transaction, giving them real anonymity in the system.

The Tor network is already an established platform for many years and the trust and reliability that is provided does indeed carry through to the Razor platform, making it one of the best alternative if true anonymity is what users are after.

Razorcoin Great Encryption

The Tor network bring effective, tried and tested end-to-end encryption to the Razor platform, which is a great boost to security and privacy.

The encryption protocol used by Tor has been known to be foolproof for quite some time now, and by using this popular option, Razor has indeed carried out a masterstroke of sorts, leveraging the power and features of a universally adopted open source platform that has stood the test of time.

Razorcoin Better Identity Protection

The use of the Tor network to connect nodes in the Razor framework effectively dissociates users from their transactions, which means that there is no call for users to reveal their locations or their personal details during each transaction.

This means that the identity of users can stay protected at all times, which contributes towards not only improving the safety and security of the platform, but also the anonymity quotient.

Razorcoin Getting Started

Usability is where the Razor network makes its presence felt, with integrated support for a large number of wallet solutions and digital currency exchanges. The adoption process is simple, and requires users only to download a copy of the wallet app.

There is also integrated support for a large number of digital currency exchange and trading platforms, with more options being added on a regular basis.

Razorcoin Conclusion

For many years, there has been a growing need for a digital currency platform that is truly anonymous, and the Razor platform fills that void with style.

With a set road map planned ahead, the Razor platform has the potential to go a long way in the future, and make a difference in the world of digital currencies by continuing to provide completely anonymous and secure digital currency services.

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