What Is Real Estate Doc?

Real Estate Doc (RED) plans to revolutionize the management of commercial real estate. The project, which is powered by the blockchain, will facilitate secure, legally binding, and immutable transactions. The transactions will be done via smart contracts in a seamless manner.

The long-term goal of this project is to become a versatile business application for real estate companies to rent out and lease any type of commercial property. Through the RED app, the users will be able to manage all aspects of the transaction.

Gradually, the RED blockchain will permit other real estate trades to plug into the RED sidechain with existing systems, in order to access RED benefits. RED has managed to effectively deploy proof of concepts in large retail and commercial businesses in Singapore. This has helped to streamline transactions between landlords and the vendors.

Real Estate Doc Blockchain Real Estate Leasing Platform Componets

At the core, the platform has a suite of software modules that serve the needs of commercial real estate companies. The modules include:

Document Management System

This proprietary contracts and documents management system is powered by the blockchain.

Calendar, Analytics, And Budgets

It contains data-driven leasing calendar schedules, budgets, and business analysis.

KYC Network

Seamless tenant and vendor onboarding; via a shared, simple, KYC network that is powered by the blockchain.

Payment And Loyalty Points Management

A tokenized payment system that safeguards lease and rental management proceeds; between tenants, landlords, and the vendors. This module will offer a common loyalty points and rewards platform that will interlink or the loyalty points offered by the commercial retail establishments.

The Space Exchange

This is a data-driven smart marketplace that utilizes matching algorithms to drive business to the corporate landlords.

Real Estate Doc RED Token TGE Details

The aim of the token generation event is to convert the business into a decentralized token system for the commercial real estate sector. This will help to assimilate the capabilities of the blockchain and smart contracts to the industry. It will help to grow sales productivity, reduce the cost of transactions, and eradicate the costly paper contract fraud.

Parameters Of The TGE

  • Token Ticker: REDT
  • Whitelisting: August 1, 2018 – September 15, 2018
  • Pre-Sale: September 15 – September 30
  • Public Sale: October 1 – October 31
  • ICO Price: 1 REDT = 0.018 USD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Country: Singapore
  • Accepting: ETH
  • Soft Cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 9,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 500,000,000
  • Tokens for Sale: 5%
  • KYC: YES

The Real Estate Doc Vision

RED intends to set a new standard for the real estate sector. The platform will let real estate companies manage their businesses without having to hire an administrative team. With this data-driven platform and due diligence, the network will enrich the real estate sector.

RED due diligence will offer a seamless environment where users can access updated vendors and tenant due diligence records. All the digitized contracts between actors will be stored on the blockchain, ensuring the creation of undisputable agreements. As a result, the time and cost of dispute resolution will go down significantly. There will be a limited involvement of third-party arbitrators and their associated costs.

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