What Is RealFevr?

RealFevr is a European startup that seeks to provide it users with the world’s most engaging and exciting sports experience. The company has been in existence since 2015 and has risen through the ranks to become one of the most highly rated fantasy platforms accessible on desktop, iOS, and android devices. It delivers thrilling fantasy soccer competitions in Europe and Latin America to over half a million worldwide users.

How RealFevr Blockchain Fantasy Sports Betting Coin Works

Users have the opportunity to play the best football competitions around the world, which are categorized into Brazil fantasy, Spain fantasy, champion’s fantasy world fantasy, Europa fantasy Portugal fantasy, and liberta fantasy. Once the users select the category of the competition, they can build their team in order to begin playing. They can also bring together their friends to participate in the private leagues they have created.

RealFevr Game Models

Two models of the game determine how a player will play the game. Classic model is the first type of model. It has a budget of 100 million euros, eleven players in the field and four in the bench and a captain with double scores. The second model is the draft model that has ten teams league and the player can invite nine of their friends. It has different opponents each week and players are selected one at a time. The classic model has competitions every game week where players have the opportunity to win prizes.

RealFevr Mobile Application

The game has a mobile application that seeks to improve the user experience during the game. The application enables user to access trending information about competition, teams, and players on a user’s team. Through the application they can also analyze and monitor a players status for example when they are unavailable, fit, or questionable for the game. The users could also use the application to monitor the how the games are progressing on in real life and the occurrence on the field during the game in real time.

Through the platform’s blog, players can access information and relevant news about the games, insights, and fantasy tips from experts, preview of the performance of the previous game week, lineups for all teams and an analysis of the top performers.

RealFevr Token ICO Details

The platform will release its cryptocurrency during its ICO. Details about the ICO are not yet available, however, they will posted on the official RealFevr ICO website once available. The main purpose of the cryptocurrency will be helping the players to unlock additional game modes, custom leagues, other sports, and exciting new features. The cryptocurrency will also grow RealFevr and create an economic system with the cryptocurrency as its payment mechanism.

RealFevr Benefits


The fantasy game has an easy to use interface that is intuitive and updated at the same time therefore providing users with a seamless experience during the games.

Multiple Competitions

The fantasy game platform has multiple competitions from the national leagues and international club competitions. This not only diversifies the games but also makes them more intriguing.


Through the rebranding and redesign of the platform, users are able to get a consistent interaction during the game without any stability issues.

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