What Is Realista?

This platform, is designed to connect sellers, buyers, renters and agents in the property space. Which in turn will enable them to take part in an economy valued at $217 Trillion. The system will aim to disrupt the real estate industry. You see, currently these websites monopolize online traffic and charge sellers and agent’s astronomical fees simply to list their properties. In addition, what happens is that several listings end up becoming exclusive because of the competition and others being forced to offline efforts.

Realista however, was designed to help provide a larger area for realtors and buyers to connect within the industry as a whole. And, avoid having those with deeper pockets monopolize things. This platform is also defined as an open marketplace meaning, it allows you to find exactly what you are looking for. No one wants to scroll through hundreds of listings – right? Realista is made to be user friendly regardless of what side of the bank you are on.

The platform allows users to input their desired preferences and wait to be matched with someone offering those credentials. This, allows buyers to see properties that they want and allows sellers to find those looking for them.

What Realista Global Real Estate Blockchain Platform Offers

Imagine through an app, having worldwide real estate at your fingertips. This is what Realista aims to offer. Cutting the listing process down in time and expenses. Sellers can list the properties for free and more importantly, agents can list on the go allowing them more time with their clients.

User of the Realista platform can expect 3D virtual tours of properties and notifications for when desired search criteria’s have been met. Consider this process and how seamless it will make the real estate space;

  1. Seller lists
  2. Agent uploads on the ‘go’
  3. Buyers are notified
  4. Property is sold

Now sure, finances, banks and all those things would need to be sorted – but overall the process is effortless for the seller and the buyer is only shown properties that make sense for them. This will help alleviate much of the stress associated with buying and selling and allow the agent to get back to the work they do best – which is selling, not all the admin and time the current process incurs.

Realista Token RET ICO Details

Realista is releasing Realista Tokens as a means to incentivise property content creation. The Pre-ICO and main ICO will start in February. You can purchase RET token using Ethereum. This will also solve the slow start problem that many people face (both buyers and seller) in the real estate world. Realtors are also eligible for a reward for referring new agents. These rewards can be used to renew their subscription for example, thus creating a referral network among agents alike.

Truth is, the real estate platforms are incredibly dated, and sellers often feel disconnected from the process. A platform like Realista will help bridge that gap and allow property data to be readily available to all those involved. The goal is for Realista to have more than 150,000 properties listened every month in locations like Australia, New Zealand and The United States by 2019.


Realista Conclusion

In mid 2018, we can expect the Beta version to be launched into the marketplace overseas and improved upon in the current beta markets. By Q4 in 2018, the expectation is that the platform will be complete.

To date, the whitepaper is available on their website in addition to the team behind this launch.


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