The tokenization craze is in full swing, and is currently bringing thousands of different blockchain based projects into reality. While cryptocurrency as a method of value transfer and storage is the most obvious and popular application of blockchain tehcnology, the unique nature of the blockchain makes it possible to achieve a diverse range of different use cases.

One of the most interesting applications of blockchain technology is the tokenization of real world assets. New initial coin offerings have recently begun creating innovative platforms that leverage this ability of blockchain technology, such as Dimond, which aims to create a cryptocurrency backed by real diamonds.

A new blockchain based platform is aiming to apply the same concept to real estate. Realisto is a new project that intends to make real estate investment on the blockchain simple, easy, safe, and accessible. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Realisto platform and find out what it offers as well as examining the Realisto ICO to help you determine whether it’s the right ICO for you.

What Is Realisto?

Realisto is one of the more promising ICO announcements to hit the blockchain ecosystem lately, and has been covered by some large mainstream news platforms including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more. Realisto aims to create a fully decentralized global platform that allows for the crowdfunding of real estate investment opportunities around the world.

By operating as a two-sided marketplace, Realisto will allow real estate experts to spotlight unique investment opportunities and projects then tokenize them. This allows investors from anywhere in the world to participate in real estate investments that would otherwise be unavailable due to geographic limitations.

In order to generate the capital necessary to develop their platform, the Realisto team is planning on running two separate projects. With the first half of the capital generated during the Realisto ICO, the development team plans on establishing a core pool of high quality specialized commercial and residential real estate assets.

The assets secured in the first project could provide Realisto ICO investors with steady returns and contribute to the growth in value of the Realisto token. The second half of the capital generated in the Realisto ICO will be used to establish an opportunity pool that provides active investors with the ability to vote on the acquisition of projects, judging from a range of different risk-to-yield ratios

The Realisto platform will operate on the REA token, which can be allocated by users to projects in the opportunity pool in a crowdfunding fashion. Interestingly, the Realisto platform will pay investors ROI in ETH on a monthly basis from the beginning of 2018. Token holders will also benefit from a share in 70% of the fees generated by the Realisto platform.

The Realisto platform will maintain transparency by utilizing smart contract technology audited by CoinFabrik, a leading blockchain auditing firm. All of the investments made by the Realisto platform will be administered under German law, and managed by real estate experts.

The Realisto ICO

The Realisto ICO commences on the 25th of November 2017, and will run until the 25th of December 2017. The token sale will release 2,000,000 ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain with no hard cap. Importantly, no new tokens will be issued after the token sale.

The Realisto development team will allocate 90% of the funds generated in the ICO to the establishment of underlying assets, with a further 10% reserved for operational expenses. During the first stage of the ICO, 1 ETH will furnish investors with 380 REA tokens, which will move to 363 in the second week, 348 in the fourth, and 330 in the last week.

Realisto Verdict

The Realisto ICO is set to be one of the most disruptive token sales of 2017, and could potentially revolutionize the way in which real estate investment projects are operated in the future. If you’re interested in the potential applications of blockchain technology in the real estate market, Realisto is definitely worth a closer look.

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