Realty Coin

It is an open knowledge that the world of real estate is a lucrative business. A majority of the time there is always an increase in property value. If you are a cryptocurrency investor, you may wonder how you may channel some of your digital currency into real estate. Unsurprisingly, the blockchain is not short of innovations, and there is a cryptocurrency that combines the real estate sector to the blockchain.

What Is Realty Coin?

RealtyCoin is the brainchild of a company from Chile known as Inversiones Derezunsky SpA. The Santiago-based firm plans to offer the RTC coin to the public at a low price after which they will sell it for a high price. Each RTC coin transaction on the platform earns a 10% profit to the investors. Their idea is to buy property across the globe at a high price and then sell it at a profit. Keep in mind, the platform plans to do this all on the blockchain and will not involve any banks or other intermediaries.

Realty Coin Global Real State Crowdfunding Investing Basics

The RealtyCoin works with two business models of acquiring property and selling it. Once the ICO launches, the firm projects to use the initial ICO to obtain its first properties. The project intends to invest in abandoned, damaged or foreclosed properties across the world. Any cheap property that they can receive. Any property sold at a profit, the yield is split at a 10% ratio to investors. All payments on the platform rely on either BTC or ETH, with one RTC going for 0.00036 ETH. Each investor is expected to make an initial 0.5 ET share.

In the process, the RealtyCoin team hopes to progress and increase in value. Additionally, the platform will partner with real estate agents and firms to accept the RTC coin as a means of payment for their transactions. In return, RealtyCoin will be acceptable to the public.

Is Realty Coin RTC ICO A Good Investment?

Keep in mind; the sole investment decision lies with you. However, I cannot fail to point out signs of RealtyCoin as a viable idea. An open positive is that this project might boost real estate globally by penetrating individual boundaries. With the use of blockchain technology, the RealtyCoin offer a decentralized cryptocurrency with a smart contract on Ethereum. This will boost confidence in the project to people across the globe and will enable investing in assets regardless of borders.

Additionally, investors in RealtyCoin are getting to become part of a pioneer efforts to revolutionize real estate agency. Amidst the project, RealtyCoin will act like international real estate investors, and brokers combined. All an investor has to do is finance the ICO and wait for RTC make a profitable asset investment.

Realty Coin Red Flags

On the other hand, there are signs of the project that you put into consideration. For starters, the project operates only from Chile. This can be a significant hurdle if a financier of RealtyCoin wants to meet the team. However, the group plans to move into other countries once its progress. The project can also turn out to be a Ponzi-scheme regardless of the corrupt free aspects of Chile. Additionally, the current real estate market is highly volatile, and there no longer exists a 100% profit return on investments. And it would take a substantial cultural shift before real estate accepts cryptocurrency.

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