What Is Realty Crypto Investment?

Cryptocurrency investment is similar to the stock market investment in many ways and at the same tie, it still has its differences from the stock market in its way of operation. RCI Company, however, has been able to bridge the major gap between the two alternatives because RCI Company is a cryptocurrency whereby investors funds are used to hold tokens on the platform. These funds are then used in real time businesses that can generate profits that are in turn shared back to the investors and so on; the amount of profit share an investor gets is dependent on the number of tokens held. Other than profits investors also gets an opportunity to vote on business/investment decisions of the company.

How Is Behind Realty Crypto Investment?

RCI company stands for Realty Crypto Investment Company. It is brought to realization by a group of realtors and developers from different countries forming a team that will help in the realization of the company’s goal. The team consists of Anton Smetanin as the CEO with over 15 years experience from Czechia Russia, Mikhail Meshahyarekov as the Chief Assets Manager with over 11 years experience from Russia, Moskvina Natalia as a realtor with over 22 years experience in Russia, Afrail Aliev as the developer with over 11 years experience in Azerbaijan, Moskvin Andrei a realtor with over 15 years experience in Russia, Anna Waldner a realtor with over 8 years experience in Spain, Manuela Silva a realtor with over 5 years experience in Spain, Arthur Shatverov also a realtor with over 4 years experience in Georgia and Alena Gavrilenko another realtor with 1 year experience in the USA.

Realty Crypto Investment RCI Token Backed By Real Property Plans

What RCI company plans to do is that from the money expected to be raised from the sale of tokens, 5 million $ will be invested in finished hotels and apartments, 25 million to be invested in finished hotels and to build more, and then another 45 million dollars to be used for building more hotels. The revenue to be used to carry out all the business plan is to be generated in several ways. Via tourism from hotels, selling out small hotels built, continue investments, sell parts of objects to secure profits and to create an RCI hotel network. after this revenue generation, a financial plan is followed on how profits will be distributed which is usually 60% of profits, proportional to the number of token holdings and some other bonuses.

RCI Company offers investors an opportunity to gather their strengths by coming together to create businesses and/or invests in other businesses whose profits shall be shared back to investors to increase the token holdings. Token holdings also give investors a right to vote over issues on investments. And finally, the top twenty of their token holders will be rewarded the right to use some of the company’s hotels and apartments for leisure purposes.

Realty Crypto Investment RCI ICO Details

RCI company has an initial coin offering that is scheduled to end on the 20th of March 2018, the tokens will sell for 1RCI for 50 cents, and apart from dollars purchase can be made using ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, QIWI and so on.

Realty Crypto Investment Conclusion

In conclusion, at the end of the day, RCI company has a goal that is appealing to both modern financial experts and more traditional type.

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