Rinascimento or the ReB project came into existence in March 2016. The project was first hatched as an association in Italy, with a goal to restore the Italian art both in the country and in the entire world. Interestingly, many associations are coming up in Italy with the aim of restoring the works of art. However, the Rinascimento project will be the first to utilize the power of the critters to improve its capital for art restoration.

The project thrives on the concept that it is becoming increasingly difficult to raise awareness to preserve the artistic heritage. Besides, it is even more difficult to raise funds for that kind of restoration. Against this backdrop, Rinascimento project aims to introduce a fee system in which it self-finances its operations with a capital raised through the ICO and through its partnerships with hotels and markets.

The brains behind Rinascimento are two young artists with a passion to restore the artistic heritage through mass awareness initiatives across the world. Their names are Santi Davi and Luca Barrila. They both studied at the art school and the idea of cryptocurrency reignited their interests to create something bigger and better.

How Rinascimento Works

The restoration of the artistic heritage requires funds. Rinascimento seeks to launch a worldwide initiative that embraces a fee system to fund the project’s capital. The project aims to generate fees from sales on the marketplace as well as from the transactions of the partner hotels. The group also aims to produce forms for spontaneous donations. Once raised, the entire capital will be converted into cryptocurrency for public viewing by members or anyone who desires.

Rinascimento Marketplace

Rinascimento marketplace will provide a suitable platform for artists to showcase and sell their pieces of artwork or tools. This is a big step for artists who are struggling to get a display space for their creations and more so to sell them. To that end, Rinascimento exists to solve the problem. The platform utilizes ReB tokens.

When artists sell their artwork, they earn the ReB token, which in turn, they can invest in the marketplace to buy colors, painting canvases, or anything they wish. Alternatively, they can change the ReB for FIAT coins. In addition to the ReB token, the Rinascimento platform will accept other forms of payments including major cryptocurrency to expand its capital regardless of the currency they use on the platform.

Rinascimento—Partnership with Hotels

Italy is a beautiful destination for a vacation, especially with its beautiful topography, artwork, culinary culture, and more. Rinascimento seeks to provide a unique opportunity for investors to earn ReB, which they can redeem for a fantastic vacation in Italy. Eventually, through the fee system, the project will continue to boost its capital while users get the opportunity to sell their artwork across the world.

The idea behind the partnership with hotels is also to restore the Sicilian and Italian economies, which are currently suffering. Hoteliers can utilize the cryptocurrency, which is an infinite resource. They can exchange the ReB earned into FIAT currency or create a small capital in ReB, which they can exchange later.

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