Rebellious is a new Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token built on the ECR-20 standard. The coin, which is designed specifically with a focus on being implemented as a currency to be used in e-commerce settings, is unique in that it is not being distributed as an ICO – instead, the coin is being “air dropped” to interested community members that undergo an application process.

About Rebellious

Rebellious was created in April of 2017 by a group of 20 individuals who, according to the Rebellious website, are only known by their first names. A black-and-white photo accompanies every name on the site’s team page, providing a face, yet for some reason there are no last names listed, and neither is there any additional information available on any of these team members such as a contact address or even a link to their LinkedIn profile.

This is a possible red flag, as there’s no way to verify the identities of these team members through independent means. However, as Rebellious is not actively soliciting funds in the way an ICO would but is instead airdropping its new token for free, the identity issue is not one that is glaring. It is, though, more than a bit strange and is something to keep in mind.

The Product

The Rebellious token, abbreviated as REBL, is an ERC-20 Ethereum coin that is being airdropped to interested parties from November 21 2017 to December 31 2017. Unlike an ICO, which requires individuals to invest in a token, the REBL airdrop is essentially free, as users need only download a compatible digital wallet and jump through some social media hoops like signing up and posting on the Rebellious forums and tweeting about the REBL airdrop.

Individuals who complete these tasks by December 21 will be eligible for a minimum of 2000 REBL tokens from the airdrop. Community members who promote the airdrop on social media can earn up to an additional 2000 tokens as well as a reward for their marketing efforts.

Sometime in the future, the Rebellious team says it will transition the REBL token off the Ethereum blockchain and to its own specific chain. At that time, token holders will be able to transfer their currencies to the new ledger.

The Opportunity

There are two opportunities for individuals who become involved with the REBL airdrop. First, Rebellious is designed to provide the equivalent of 10% annual interest as long as individuals check in and claim their interest at least every 30 days. This means that a standard 2000 REBL balance will grow to 2200 REBL in 12 months provided coin holders check in at least once a month.

Secondly, Rebellious is planning to integrate its coin into several e-commerce platforms such as Shopify over the course of 2018. This would lead to REBL tokens becoming useful in purchasing goods and services across any of the platforms on which it becomes accepted.

Rebellious Conclusion

Rebellious is an airdropped, community-based crypto project, something that is quite different today when it comes to the countless ICOs being touted across the internet. However, despite its current novelty, the approach that Rebellious is taking is much more resonant of a simpler time before cryptocurrencies became such a speculative investment opportunity – back when individuals interested in banding together to create something different weren’t the exception but the rule.

We like Rebellious. Not only is the airdrop free of charge, it’s literally built around creating a community. Yes there are obvious problems – there’s not enough transparency when it comes to the team members’ identities – and the valuation of the coin is completely dependent on whether it can become used as a currency with enough e-commerce platforms to make it viable.

That being said, there’s literally no risk involved in joining the airdrop. The only investment Rebellious asks you to make is time and energy, and it’s this kind of sweat equity that’s quite easy to dispense.

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  1. I for one do not agree with “sweat that’s easy to dispense” comment regarding membership to the Rebellious Community. I’ve had wisdom teeth pulled during a migraine headache and that was a cakewalk in comparison to the Rebellious (REBL) ‘legendary’ application, the hardest of the 3 offered. In some circles (the ones who made it) have described it with words like: brutal, lengthy, torturous and “a mental triathlon”

    Worth the trouble? Yes.
    Would I do it again? Yes.
    Am I a committed member? Yes.
    The work being done by Rebellious now is surprisingly unexpected and truthfully, wasn’t brought up before the REBL airdrop in efforts to find committed ‘share holders…’ and it worked. They didn’t take a dime and are doing it all with only the same “sweat” requested from it’s token holders had to muster up to pass the application process. They not only have kept their word, commitments and promise to follow the whitepaper and roadmap, they’ve improved almost every step with unplanned additional functionalities and benefits.

    Am I Rebellious?
    Damn right I am… and have the scars to prove it. :-)


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