is an investment program that promises to double your money every two months. find out how it works today in our review.

What is is a bitcoin-based high yield investment program, or HYIP. The company doesn’t seem to offer any products or services – it seems like a straight-up membership-based HYIP scheme. You deposit cryptocurrency into the platform, and they’ll allegedly double your deposit every few weeks.

By giving the company money today, you can double your money bimonthly. Now, bimonthly can mean two different things: it can mean you’re doubling your money every two weeks (twice a month), or it can mean you’re doubling your money every two months. Regardless, if someone promises that they can double your money in any period of time, it’s a sign you’re involved in a Ponzi scheme or scam.

Despite the lack of products or services, claims to have created a business that generates 12% returns per day. Payments are sent instantly.

How Does Work?

No legitimate business in this world offers steady, guaranteed returns of 12% per day. So how does make its money? Obviously, we know that the company seems to make money from a HYIP investment program based on the membership fees of new members. But how do they claim to make money?

The company claims they’re “mostly aimed at receiving-based products reselling & logistics, like reselling of diodes and receiving-based electronic components to high demand areas that lack in supply.”

Despite that weirdly vague description, the company claims to sell “over a million units per month”. As proof of these enormous sales figures,’s website features a computer-generated picture of a drone shooting a laser – seriously.

Ultimately, we can’t find any products or services offered by the company, nor can we find any proof of income. As far as we can tell, this is a blatant HYIP scam where the only “income” comes from the deposits of gullible new investors. The returns of old investors are paid by the membership fees of new investors, and the entire scheme collapses within a few days.

Who’s Behind was launched by a company named Global Trade Alliance Limited. That company also describes itself as “Receiving Online LLC”.

The company claims it was founded in 2007 and quickly grew into a multi-million dollar empire. However, the HYIP information section on the official website claims that the investment portion (the HYIP scam) appeared online on November 20. To date, over $10 million has been deposited into the website’s investment scheme (according to the company). The company is accepting deposits of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ethereum.

The company will not disclose any information about its management team, its location, or other info. Typically, you want to know this information before sending money to someone online. Membership Fees’s HYIP scam has just a single “investment plan” – although it’s really just a membership fee:

12% Per Day ROI Guaranteed: No minimum or maximum investment, double your money every two weeks guaranteed.

That’s it. this is the only plan offered by the company. You send them any amount of money, and they’ll magically double it every two weeks or every two months (again, it’s not clear).


Everything about appears to be high risk. The company claims to have been founded in 2007. The company claims to ship over 1 million “electronic” and “logistic” products each month, generating billions of dollars a year in profit. The company claims to double your money every two weeks – or every two months (bi-monthly can mean either). There’s no evidence any of these things are true.

Ultimately, unless you feel like donating your money to a HYIP scam run by an anonymous scam artist, doesn’t seem like a valid investment opportunity in any way, shape, or form, and we have no proof that anyone has ever been paid by the company.

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