Recent Rumor Report: Bitfinex Did Not Use Users' EOS Funds For BP Voting

Recent BITFINEX BP Vote Allegedly Used EOS from Customers to Vote for Themselves, Though BITFINEX Denies Claims

A recent vote was hosted to elect an EOS Block Producer, for which BITFINEX became a candidate for two weeks ago. Any potential candidates were required to register their Ethereum addresses before the end of the day on June 2nd, and they had to create a key for their account. The vote was to elect 21 active block producers, who would be earning a percentage of the tokens applied for every block on the chain, though there are almost 200 positions to be elected as standby producers. FUDsters have debated how valid this vote is, accusing BITFINEX BP of using their own customer’s EOS tokens to dedicate votes to themselves.

Bitfinex BP did not use customers' EOS to vote for themselves, as some FUDsters are claiming from eos

According to Reddit user “indykpol87,” consumers can clearly see the allocation and use of funds from BITFINEX’s private wallets, for which they provide the links. They acquired the links from a Telegram post by Kasper Rasmussen, who is the head of marketing at BITFINEX. Those links, for readers that need to see the evidence for themselves, are:


Reddit’s feed is alive with comments from many different parties. Supporters of BITFINEX BP have been rejecting these claims, posting links upon links from the BITFINEX official pages and accounts. However, naysayers have formed the idea of a conspiracy, despite all evidence. Realistically, the debate will only truly matter if an investigation comes of it, but alas, one has not.

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